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A Small Roundup

October 25th, 2013




It’s been a little while, to say the least, since there has been a blog post on Camperbug and it’s definitely time to do a little round up of the past year or so. So what’s been going on? Well lots of exciting stuff actually. We’ve been incredibly busy and Camperbug has grown to become the largest vw campervan hire website on the internet. There are many fantastic campervan companies all over the UK and lots of them use Camperbug but the site itself is a useful tool for a potential hirer that wants to see all the vans in one place. They can see the campervans that are available for hire in the UK and message all the owners directly from the comfort of the rather comfy campervan messaging system. Every day more and more vans are joining and the interest in campervan holidays seems to not be waning.

There have been thousands of amazing trips completed and long lasted memories made by our users that have rented a van through the site, something of which we’re really proud and we don’t want to stop there. We want to keep providing an amazing service and telling more and more people about all the amazing places they can visit in a camper and all the wonderful adventures they can have. There really is not better way to travel.



If you’re reading this post and if you have a van and you might consider renting it out then feel free to drop us a line and we’ll happily provide some advice. We not that sharing your camper is not for everyone but it’s a great way of covering some costs and an excellent source of additional revenue. Many people are slightly unsure about renting their van at first and Camperbug understands this being bus heads ourselves. However, many campervan owners will hire their van for just a couple of weeks of the year to cover insurance and tax. For a single week, you could hire your van to a careful young family of four, who drive it carefully to a beautiful campsite on the coast, where it sits securely parked. The family have a fantastic week and the campervan owner gets to cover some maintenance costs. The first hire is always the hardest, but once you tale the plunge and do the first one, you won’t look back. The sharing economy is growing and Camperbug is happy to play its part in collaborative collaboration assisting communication between campervan owners and hirers. So have a think and let us know what you decide!

Finally we have a new page with various badges that you can grab and post on your site. We’d love to see the Camperbug illustrations popping up in different places! If you look at the badges page, then these are all there. Just click this link to find them

Here is an example of one.


Also you can see the Camperbug scroller below which appears on our homepage.  This is the wonderful scrolling bar of campervans which features on our homepage. This bar constantly updates as campervan owners “feature” their vans so is always different. If you would like to have lots of beautiful campers scrolling across your webpages, just grab the code underneath and paste it on your page. It is highlighted in bold underneath the scroller itself.



<iframe src=””></iframe>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=””>


So the code for the scroller is above, you can whack it into your WordPress blogs or websites and it should work just fine. We are also planning a series of illustrated gifs based on the Camperbug illustrations, that should look quite nice too.  Any issues, please let us know. Well that’s all for now folk, just a small quick update, more very soon! Ahem.


Doris the Glampervan – A Forthcoming Van of the Month

June 14th, 2012

Here’s a sneak preview of the forthcoming Camperbug van of the month for September. She’s called Doris and is a stunning 1971 Bay Window. Doris is a true glampervan and is kitted out in some style. She’s a fantastically cool camper, whose interior is just as immaculate as her exterior. She’s certainly a van you’ll get noticed in and her uber cool paint job and cheeky looks will cheer up anyone that sees her cruising past. Check out Doris’s Camperbug profile and once you’ve feasted your eyes, get in touch with her owner to discuss this vw camper that you can’t wait to take out for a spin!

Click the image below to visit her Camperbug profile page.

Doris the Glampervan

Doris the Glampervan


A Norfolk Road Trip

May 3rd, 2012

This piece contains information about the wonderful county of Norfolk, where there are lots of exciting things to see and do. So join us on Camperbug’s virtual road trip, during we will be taking in a campsite, visiting a beach or two and of course checking out a Norfolk camper van that we can hire to do all these things in!

Norfolk’s low-lying landscape and beautiful scenery make it a popular holiday destination. This eastern county’s rugged coastline is kept alert by the blusterings of the North Sea. The unceasing assaults on it’s coast have resulted in an instinctive wariness and respect for the sea whose rough affections have helped create the dramatic coastline that is so fun to visit. For rugged coastline also read, great beaches; and for great beaches Norfolk does not disappoint. Tour Norfolk have done a wonderful piece on the beautiful beaches that can be found in Norfolk but let’s get started on this trip with glorious sandy beach of Mundesley.

Mundesley Beach

Mundesley Beach |

Located on the North Norfolk coast, Mundesley combines rolling farming land with a seaside town. The clean beach boasts miles of long sands which stretch for miles and are great for long walks. Leaving Mundesley and following the A149 along the coast path, leads you to Holkham Bay. As the map shows, you will pass through the towns of Sheringham and Cromer. Some parts of this road may be inaccessible so consult your maps before you set off.

View Larger Map

Holkham Beach won the Coastal Award of 2011 for Beast Beach. The countless miles of beautiful golden sands, bounded by salty marshes and dunes are part of one of the UK’s largest nature reserves. The beach is liberating in its spaciousness with its huge size making it possible for the walker to find quite isolation, providing a splendid opportunity to observe the wide variety of striking fauna and flora.

Holkham Beach's Long Sands

Holkham Beach's Long Sands

A few miles from the beach you will find a campsite called Deepdale Farm It’s located in the village of Burnham Deepdale and is a location popular with campervans. Deepdale is a good location from which to explore the North Norfolk coast line.

View Larger Map

If you’re wondering how to camp when you’re on your roadtrip, then why not check out Maggie May. This retro campervan is fully kitted out, with all mod cons and a striking pop top roof providing an extra bed room upstairs. She’s a cool cucumber, fun to camp in and bred to cruise along costal country lanes.

Maggie May The Camper Van

Maggie May The Camper Van

So that’s our very quick whistle stop road trip around Norfolk, we wish it could have been longer but Camperbug plan to make a return visit soon. For more information about all that Norfolk has to offer, go to Visit Norfolk, the Official Norfolk Tourist website.


Forthcoming Summer Vans of the Month for 2012

April 28th, 2012

Well, we must be getting more organised over here at Camperbug HQ because there is actually a schedule for 4 months worth of Van of the Month‘s! (read in the style of Pigs in Space) How exciting! Never being ones capable of keeping such incendiary knowledge secret, we thought what better way to share this exciting information then through the medium of this sadly underutilised blog. So for all of you that have the camping and travelling bug, roll up, roll up and savour this vw campervan hire feast for the senses (although we hasten to add that at this particular point in time, we are unable to cater for your olfactory ones)

So here are the lucky chosen four who will be gracing the cover of the Camperbug website over the coming summer months. We kick off proceedings with Wokingham, who will be May’s VOTM. This orange T2 campervan is available for hire from it’s base in Berkshire. It’s a beautiful, left hand drive import from the US with new upholstered beds.

Orange Campervan for hire in Berkfordshire

Orange Wokingham camper

For June we have Mango, a beautiful fully restored bay which can be picked up from Guildford. An attractive flame red eye catcher Mango is a cool cruiser and definitely made for posing in. What on earth are you waiting for? It’s the summer dudes (ignore the rain) go and get your swerves on and hire this campervan. Immediately!

Mango The June Van of the Month

Mango The June Van of the Month

In July, we have the lovely Belinda. If you are looking for London Campervan Hire then look no further than this enchanting temptress. A 4 speed pastel blue bay window campervan which can be hired for jaunts around the UK and also for weddings. Hire Belinda for your wedding and be as utterly delighted as the chaps in the picture below.

Belinda the campervan is VOTM for July 2012

Belinda the campervan is VOTM for July 2012

We finish off with the roguish Billy, who will be the chosen one throughout all of August, the lucky chap. Billy is a gadget head, jam packed with zillions of cool features. You want Lake District Campervan Hire but you never knew you also wanted a campervan with a built in Playstation 2! Billy will show you the error of your misguided ways. He is guaranteed to keep the youngsters quiet but possibly unaware of the glorious countryside rolling along outside the window.

Billy - hire him! He is Camperbug's Van of the Month for August

Billy - hire him! He is Camperbug's Van of the Month for August

So there you have it, four vans for four months. Hope you’ve enjoyed them. If you’re looking to hire a campervan, get clicking on the images and visit the van pages for further information. If you’re a van owner and you haven’t been a van of the month yet and would like to be, then we’d love to have you. So what do you need to do to get chosen? Well, give your profile page a little spruce up your with some of your latest campervan piccies, update the calendar and then drop us an email and we’d be happy to have you as a future Van of the Month (again, read in a pigs in space stylee)


Camperbug 2 Launches – Ahoy!

February 23rd, 2012

Yo Camperbugs! Camperbug has been live for just over a year and has proved to be quite popular. Over the past few months we’ve been developing a new version. And now it’s live! Hopefully things shouldn’t feel too different but the intention has been to make the site a little more user-friendly and interactive.

Illustration of 2 cartoon like campervans in a hilly landscape with a lake

New Camperbug Homepage Illustration

So what are the differences?

There are some obvious cosmetic changes such as the new illustrations which appear atop all the pages. The homepage has been made slightly more interesting too!  It should feel a bit more informative than the wall of text it once was and the scroll bar is designed to get people straight to the main event! Da Vans.

A series of campervan images, scrolling from left to right

Camperbug Scrollbar

The county listings themselves have been updated too, to show preview images of all the lovely vehicles for hire, which means that the vans at the bottom of the list have just as good a chance of being seen and enquired about as those at the top. We’re also going to be rolling out a method for automatically letting you feature your van on the homepage and by extension further up the county page. Will wonders never cease.

The van profile pages stay pretty much the same but you’ll notice that My Camperbug has been cleaned.  Sending and receiving messages could be quite confusing, especially when you have 70 enquiries on your page, so all the waffle is purged and our message board now is clear and concise.

How Messages On Camperbug Look

Camperbug Messaging System

There is also a forum, feel free to suggest topics for discussion and also new categories that you might want to discuss.
Plus International Locations (sound the vuvuzelas) have been added to the site, oh yes we’re going global. But ahem the companies are slightly threadbare currently but we’re sure they’ll be signing up over the coming months.

A Map of Europe showing Campervan Hire Companies with Russia highlighted

European Campervan Hire Map

So all in all, we’re pleased with what’s happened in a year, there are almost 400 vans advertised on the site from almost 200 Lenders around the UK. We’re pleased to find that a large number of people have been interested in finding out more about hiring camper vans and we’re looking forward to that number growing in 2012!


Van of the Month – Sam’s Campers

June 13th, 2011

Off to Treheli Farm in Pwlheli, Gwynedd tomorrow night. The place looks intense. One week looking out on the Irish Sea is definitely what the doctor ordered and I can’t wait. Had a total result getting an almost new £250 Royal Traveller awning for £60 today which was very pleasing and it will be really great having an awning on the side of the van. So seven days of camping, reading books (particularly looking forward to getting stuck into the History of Love by Nicole Krauss), taking snaps, drinking wine and generally chilling the hell out. Bliss.

Here’s a photo of the view from Treheli Farm I found on the net. Looking forward to taking some shots of my own. The bay is Hell’s Mouth on the Lleyn Peninsula, looks more like heaven to me.

Anyway, getting ever more laid back in my attitude to van of the month. This is because, I’m pretty keen to show everyone the new version of Camperbug which is a week or so behind schedule. There’s some lovely new functionality built into Camperbug 2 and when I look at the current site, it lacks a certain something. I’ve commissioned some great illustrations for version 2 and the current cheesy header with my van on it, doesn’t quite cut the mustard anymore!

***Update October 16th 2014 – Unfortunately the owner has decided not to hire out the van below anymore ***

So back to van of the month, and before I even know it 2 weeks of June have passed.

I was looking at Sam’s van and reading his profile description and he exemplifies the reasons that Camperbug was created. So that normal people can rent out their vehicles, to friendly interested others, when they’re not using them. So to Sam from Wokingham in Berkshire, a chap with a van and occasional renter your orange bay is this month’s van of the month.


5 Great VW Bay Window Campervans

May 12th, 2011

VW Bay Window Vans To Rent

***Update October 16th 2014 – Almost 4 years on and unfortunately some of these lovely machines are no longer available for hire :( But check out others from the map page (campervans tab) above :) ***

I just realised that I like making lists of the cool campers that appear on Camperbug. I mean where else would you get so many absolutely classic vehicles available for hire?? No where is where, this page being a snapshot of the riches that await the casual visitor to Camperbug. So to fulfil my current and probably semi-permanent urge to create blog lists here is a list of VW Bay Window campervans to follow hot on the heels of our recent list of VW splitscreens So, without further ado; 5 gorgeous vw bay windows for you to feast your eyes upon and possibly even rent.


Bay Window called Bongo

Bay Window called Bongo

What a cool bus Bongo is, this richly coloured bay window from West Sussex is simply stunning. Also what a great picture of him, his owners have taken. I love how he’s been taken down to the beach and snapped, more lovely pictures on his Camperbug page, just click the image above to see them.

Maggie May

Maggie May the Bay Campervan

Maggie May the Bay Campervan

Totally pimped out inside with a white poptop this 1971 Classic Westfalia campervan from Cornwall is built for adventure.


Freddy the Bay Window

Freddy the Bay Window

Freddy and his almost boy racer like front visor make for a lean mean bay window machine.


Wanda the VW Bay Window

Wanda the VW Bay Window

Check out the cool picture of Wanda’s reflecting hub cap on her Camperbug page! A bay window invested with a huge passion for life.

Little Miss Sunshine

Sunshine the VW Bay Window Campervan

Sunshine the VW Bay Window Campervan

Even though she’s been shot on a not exactly glamorous housing estate, Little Miss Sunshine’s style shines brightly through her suburban predicament. Photos of her in more exotic locations to come, I’m sure.


VW Split Screen Campers

May 11th, 2011

***Update October 16th 2014 – Almost 4 years on and unfortunately some of these lovely machines are no longer available for hire :(

But some are! just click the photos and also check out others from the map page (campervans tab) above :) ***

The jewel in the crown for most Camperbug visitors is the VW Split Screen. These nostalgic vehicles don’t really have a peer of equal standing  in the campervan world.  Their lines inside and out speak of a different golden and perhaps rose-tinted age. When you drive one, you’ll cruise gently along quiet lanes in a vehicle as equally romantic as its surroundings.

We’ve compiled a list of five vans on Camperbug that are absolute classics, which are available for hire. If you’re interested in contacting their owners, click on the pictures to visit their Camperbug homepage.  They’re so graceful and cool, it’s hard to believe they’re available to hire!


VW Split Screen called Beryl

VW Split Screen called Beryl

This red van called Beryl is a fully restored original 1964 VW Splitscreen campervan. Containing custom handmade wooden roof and door panels, she has an interior as stylish as her exterior.

Split Personality

A Split Screen Campervan Called Split Personality

A Split Screen Campervan Called Split Personality

The wonderfully named Split Personality is a beautiful green campervan with lovely barn doors. Visit her Camperbug page to see the cool interior

Mc Lovin

McLovin the Split Screen

McLovin the Split Screen

McLovin from Vanilla Splits is simply one of the coolest campervans around. Nuff said.


Scarlett the red splitscreen

Scarlett the red splitscreen

The beautiful, bold red Scarlett, with leatherette seats of burgundy and white and a brand new interior.


Lily the Split Screen

Lily the Split Screen

And last but never least is Lily from Pembrokeshire. Refurbished, renovated and ready to go, she’s a true air cooled classic.

Just to follow on from this article, please see the newest list of campervans on Camperbug, 5 VW Bay Windows


Amber – A Campervan for Hire in Gloucester

May 4th, 2011

***Update October 16th 2014 – Unfortunately things change and almost 4 years on Amber is no longer available for hire :( But check out others from the map page (campervans tab) above :) ***

If you’re looking to hire a campervan in Gloucester, may we recommend Amber, a rather handsome orange classic bay, who is May’s van of the month.

This beautiful van has been extensively refurbished. She’s an authentic 1974, right hand drive with an air-cooled engine that has seen a full overhaul. She also has a rather smart new interior but don’t take our word for it, take a look at out new van of the month on her own Camperbug page.

And if you’re interested in taking Amber for a spin be sure to register on the site and get in touch with her owners who will be more than happy to receive your enquiries.

Orange Classic Bay Campervan

Orange Classic Bay Campervan called Amber

European Campervan Hire

May 2nd, 2011

European Campervan Hire

Well the summer seems to be well and truly upon us, long bright evenings and warm balmy weather has been seen and felt all over the UK. Folk are always more interested in the outdoors when the sun is shining, which means we’ve been receiving a lot of traffic on Camperbug as a result and the enquiries have been flying back and forth. Whilst travelling all over the UK is enough for some, oher visitors are interested in taking the vans a little further afield with European Campervan Hire being asked about with more and more frequency. Some vans aren’t able to venture onto the continent, their campervan insurance doesn’t cover it, or people just don’t like letting them going so far, so I’m compiling a list of the vans that can. If you have a van that you’re willing to rent out to hirers in Europe, could you email and let us know and we’ll add it to a list that visitors to Camperbug can have a flick through. We’ll create internal links to your Camperbug page and people can browse through the vans on offer.

The second version of this website will also include a list of campers available for hire on the continent,so here’s a pretty picture of the map that will feature on those forthcoming pages!

European Campervan Hire Map

European Campervan Hire Map

May 11th and no response from anyone! I don’t think anyone reads this blog, ho hum.
Anyway, I have an awesome idea for how to present this data when it’s ready, so watch this space