Campervan Self Drive Hire Insurance

The Camperbug Daily Insurance Scheme has landed!

If you have a campervan and have ever thought about renting it out, you've probably wondered about insurance. As of September 1st 2014, we're pleased to announce the launch of the Camperbug daily self drive insurance scheme. We now provide the most cost effective self drive hire daily campervan insurance that you will find anywhere.

We have teamed up with leading UK insurer, Markerstudy Insurance Company Limited the Underwriting Division of the Markerstudy Group to create an insurance product aimed at campervan owners. This is a specialist insurance product on behalf of Camperbug Ltd.

What Is Self Drive Hire Insurance?


Self drive hire insurance allows you to rent out your campervan to other people (ie customers). The policy we create for you, will be in the name of the person that owns the van. So if it is your van, the policy is always in your name.

The customer is added, rather like a designated driver and allowed to use the vehicle for a period of days as stipulated by the length of the contract that you buy.

Can You Tell Me a Little More About the Kind of Insurance I need to Hire Out My Campervan?

We get asked this question all the time! So here is a short yet hopefully informative guide to campervan hire insurance and the recently launched Camperbug insurance scheme. For the newbie campervan hire company, hopefully the following information will be useful. And if you're an experienced campervan owner possibly with a number of vans maybe we can help you out too. We want to create competition in the small world of campervan insurance and provide you with more options when you need to insure a van for your customers.

So obviously you'll need insurance to hire out your camper to customers or friends.

A quick conversation with your personal policy provider will quickly make you realise that the insurance you use for your annual domestic & social policy doesn't quite cut the mustard when you want to hire your van out commercially. Your insurer will not allow strangers to drive it. Previously, after discovering this, campervan owners would embark on a long fruitless search. However now, with the advent of the Camperbug scheme, we can instantly provide the insurance you're seeking!

Look no further! After your account has been approved, you will have access to the country's leading daily campervan hire insurance scheme!

What Periods Does the Camperbug Insurance Cover?

We offer a daily campervan insurance policy. This is a policy which runs for the period of your hire. It is not intended to replace your regular domestic campervan policy. The self drive policy will have precedence over your regular insurance for the period of the short term hire. Upon expiration of the hire, your campervan will revert to being insured by your regular insurer.

So for example if your customer wishes to hire a camper for seven days, then the insurance policy will cover you for these seven days.

Please remember that you will need a domestic policy to cover you for the periods your van is not covered by the daily scheme.

The Camperbug Short Term Campervan Insurance Scheme and What it Costs?

So how much does it cost to get yourself set up? For new Camperbug owners it's 100% free to register on our system and get yourself started. We already list almost 700 campervans and we'd love to talk to you about yours.

Our rates are unbelievably competitive and once you're registered, you'll have full access to these. We want to create a fantastic scheme and more importantly lower the barriers to campervan self drive hire insurance for everyone that registers. We believe this scheme is the start of providing our campervan owners with an alternative and cost effective method to get insured.

What are the Customer Eligibility Criteria for Camperbug's Scheme?

So you need to know if the person you are lending your pride and joy too is eligible to hire the van in the first place! To see the basic scheme guidelines please scroll down. Always remember that facts need checking. You will be required to ensure that the details the hirer has supplied are correct by requesting physical proof of the information they have attested to be true. ie a driving licence, passport and utility bills. The more checks the better.

Here are the basic criteria:

Between 25 and 70 years of age
Max of £50k value (£25k+ requiring cat1)
Full UK licence for minimum of 3 years
Maximum of 6 points on all drivers licences
1 claim (fault/no fault) in last three years
SD&P use only
25% Co-Insurance clause on theft

Depending on the value of your campervan, these are the excesses applicable to the policy. These are normally collected in advance from the customer.

Value £0-£15k £500 excess
Value £25k £750 excess
Value £35k £1000 excess
Value £50k £1250 excess

European Cover

We cannot offer European cover for any campervan hires currently and this position is unlikely to change in 2015. Ours is a new scheme and the policy and insurance provision is being monitored and tested. If the situation changes and we are able to insure European hires, we will contact alll the Camperbug owners to update you of the situation.

Non UK Licences

We can insure some customers from outside the UK to drive your van. If they are eligible to be insured, this will add an additional £250 excess to the excess that is already weighted on your vehicle value.

Eligible country licences with an additional £250 excess are:

EU (all European Union licences)
New Zealand
South Africa

Unfortunately at this time the Camperbug scheme cannot insure USA and Canadian licence holders.

What if Someone Does Not Fit the Criteria?

For example, you might have someone a little older or younger than the scheme guidelines. The system is completely automated but of course we are always happy to discuss exceptions to the rule and the online purchase process is designed to allow you to communicate with us and ask questions. So no blanket refusals with no recourse to discussion.

Many of you will have worked with Camperbug since we launched in 2010 and you'll know that we're happy to answer any of your questions at any time. If you haven't worked with us before, here are some of the press clippings we've received over the years:

We hope that this answers some of your questions, anything else do ask and if you'd like to get yourself registered, just drop us a line and we'd be happy to get you set up.