Campervan Hire Insurance

What kind of insurance do I need to hire out my campervan?

Ok... so we get asked this question all the time! So here is a short yet hopefully informative guide to campervan hire insurance. For the newbie campervan hire company, hopefully the following information will be useful. Good luck with your future hires!

If you need insurance to hire out your van, you'll probably find that your annual insurance policy doesn't quite cut the mustard. Nervous bunch those insurers. This means that you're probably seeking self drive hire insurance. So when you have a customer who wishes to hire your camper, you can use the self drive hire insurance to insure your camper van for the period of the hire.

What Periods Does Insurance Cover?

Many insurers will offer a daily campervan insurance policy. This is a policy which runs for the period of your hire. It is not intended to replace your regular annual campervan policy if you are a casual hirer. The self drive policy will have precedence over your regular insurance for the period of the short term hire. Upon expiration of the hire, your campervan will revert to being insured by your regular insurer.

So for example if your customer wishing to hire a camper for seven days, then the insurance policy will cover you for these seven days. Of course you must ensure that you purchase enough insurance to cover the full term of your hire.

Typical Short Term Campervan Insurance Rates

So how much does it typically cost to hire your van daily? The following is an example of the rates you might pay. These prices are not updated. We receive enquiries all the time from campervan owners seeking to insure their vans for hire and these prices are just meant to give campervan hire newbies an idea of what they might spend on insurance.

For Hirers aged between 25-72 the following daily rates may apply:

£30 - Campervan worth up to £30,999

Insurance companies may be able to insure drivers younger than 25 and older than 72.

Additional Charges

Typically there are premiums for extras. From what we've gathered from a number of websites and people, typically they are as follows:

£3.00 - for left hand drive vehicles

£4.00 - for every extra driver, up to a maximum of 2 extra.
£5.00 - for every driver with 6 points or more on their license.
£9.00 - for every driver with 9 points or more on their license

£12.00 - for European Travel
£14.00 - for drivers with foreign licences.

So you would add up all the above amounts and come to the realisation of just how insanely expensive it would be to hire your van to the erratic 22 year old driver, seeking to take your German imported left hand drive to Spain for Benicassim. When this happens the young family keeping it local become a far more attractive proposition!