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Camperbug 2 Launches – Ahoy!

February 23rd, 2012

Yo Camperbugs! Camperbug has been live for just over a year and has proved to be quite popular. Over the past few months we’ve been developing a new version. And now it’s live! Hopefully things shouldn’t feel too different but the intention has been to make the site a little more user-friendly and interactive.

Illustration of 2 cartoon like campervans in a hilly landscape with a lake

New Camperbug Homepage Illustration

So what are the differences?

There are some obvious cosmetic changes such as the new illustrations which appear atop all the pages. The homepage has been made slightly more interesting too!  It should feel a bit more informative than the wall of text it once was and the scroll bar is designed to get people straight to the main event! Da Vans.

A series of campervan images, scrolling from left to right

Camperbug Scrollbar

The county listings themselves have been updated too, to show preview images of all the lovely vehicles for hire, which means that the vans at the bottom of the list have just as good a chance of being seen and enquired about as those at the top. We’re also going to be rolling out a method for automatically letting you feature your van on the homepage and by extension further up the county page. Will wonders never cease.

The van profile pages stay pretty much the same but you’ll notice that My Camperbug has been cleaned.  Sending and receiving messages could be quite confusing, especially when you have 70 enquiries on your page, so all the waffle is purged and our message board now is clear and concise.

How Messages On Camperbug Look

Camperbug Messaging System

There is also a forum, feel free to suggest topics for discussion and also new categories that you might want to discuss.
Plus International Locations (sound the vuvuzelas) have been added to the site, oh yes we’re going global. But ahem the companies are slightly threadbare currently but we’re sure they’ll be signing up over the coming months.

A Map of Europe showing Campervan Hire Companies with Russia highlighted

European Campervan Hire Map

So all in all, we’re pleased with what’s happened in a year, there are almost 400 vans advertised on the site from almost 200 Lenders around the UK. We’re pleased to find that a large number of people have been interested in finding out more about hiring camper vans and we’re looking forward to that number growing in 2012!