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A road trip that captures the best of Scotland

October 1st, 2018

Scotland is just about bursting with many exciting cities, landscapes, history and music! Our road trip focuses primarily on Scotlands appeal, and we’ll show you how to discover the most beautiful, well-known locations spread out over Alba’s heavenly landscape!


Day 1 and 2


Image by u33_capsuletrip on Instagram


Boasting of a fantastic live music scene, Glasgow is an excellent start to any Scottish road trip! The city is on the rise and whether the suns shining in the sky or the stars merrily twinkle, there’s plenty to do and see! Tour ancient buildings like Glasgow Cathedral and the old Necropolis cemetery or drop in at one of many fascinating art galleries. There are numerous locations once can sate thirst for the tipple, one of the most popular being Drygate Brewery. The place boasts of a wide range of excellent beer. Another important location, the Horseshoe Bar may not comprise of the trendiest interiors; however, the atmosphere stays true to the history of the bar which has kept many a visitor suitably tiddly since the mid-nineteenth century.


Days 3 and 4
Glasgow to Fort William


Take a gondola ride up Aonach Mor. Image by nycteis on Instagram


Drive 170 km north, and the towering Ben Nevis will peek out over swirls of white mist. Set in the Fort William, the “Outdoor Capital of the UK”, the imposing mountain leads to Nevis Range which is a fun location for the whole family to partake in the lighthearted fun of snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, and more! If you’re travelling during winter, the ski slopes will add an extra touch of merriment to winter sports! If you’re not feeling very sporty, why not scale the mighty Aonach Mòr Mountain in a Gondola lift? On a clear day, you’ll get a glimpse of the Inner Hebrides from the very top of Aonach Mòr’s 2150ft height.



Days 4 and 6
Fort William to Skye


Fairy Pools! Image by Daniel Stockman on Flickr


You may want to wake up bright and early to savour most of the ‘Outlander’ territory! You’ll take an estimated five hours to reach Skye from Fort William. Waking up at the crack of dawn isn’t for us all; however, the stunning vistas outside your motorhome or campervan hire will make even the grouchiest traveller sink into blissful silence.

The island of Skye is Scotland’s largest island, and you’ll have much to explore! Wander along the jagged coastlines, take a gleeful dive into the beautiful Fairy Pools, or take a hike! It’s advisable to stay away from the deceptively docile-looking sheep! If the cold Fairy pools seem as uninviting as the entrance to a bubbling volcano, take a stop by the Talisker Distillery! If the drinks leave you feeling peckish, the local half-lobster is surprisingly cheap! Take a boat ride from Elgol to Loch Coruisk, and you’ll have an opportunity to spot cute seals!



Days 6 and 7
Skye to Inverness


Pink Craigievar Castle. Image by Neillwphoto on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA


As Skye fades into the distance, look forward to a brief yet breathtaking three-hour drive to Inverness. Highland vistas will give way to a bustling city that comprises of a pink castle and the fantastic River Ness. A stroll along the river banks is a must! Another absolute necessity is a tour on the legendary Loch Ness. You’ll have a chance to hear how history changed through the years around the loch plus descriptions of Loch Ness Monster sightings. Take a look at Urquhart Castle if you have the time and absorb 100 years of exciting history!



Days 7 and 9
Inverness to Edinburgh


Old Town, Edinburgh. Image by Vanessa Engel on Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND


Alack-and-alas! We’re on the final leg of a memorable road trip! A three-hour ride will take you to a city that comprises of a delightful blend of medieval Old Town with Georgian glory of New Town. Among the many things to do drink in the views from Arthur’s Seat, stroll along the walls of Edinburgh Castle, taste some of the most excellent whiskey on the planet and at nighttime, laugh it up at The Stand or dance up a storm at Sneaky Pete’s!


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