6 reasons you should visit Scotland  September 10th, 2018


Scotland is a land of diversity, home to rich history, historic building, beautiful open spaces, thriving wildlife and an inimitable atmosphere. Yes, we’re aware that you don’t really need persuading but here are 06 great reasons to visit Scotland in your campervan or motorhome hire!


1. Highlands, baby!


Somewhere in the Loch Laggan area. Image by a200/a77Wells on Flickr


The Scottish Highlands are phenomenal! If your soul takes delight in unending glens, towering rocky peaks, lochs cloaked in mist and beautiful forests the Scottish Highlands are for you!  Intrepid travellers, hikers, kayakers, bikers and pretty much anyone who loves the outdoors prize the region. It serves as one of the world’s best road trip destinations so be sure you don’t miss out on this beautiful experience!


2. Food, food and food!


Delicious stovies! Image by pubthirtytwo on Instagram


Diverse and delectable delights of  Scotland’s larder  offers a variety of  scrumptious dishes that’ll leave you staring ruefully at your waistline! There’s the marbled beef from Angus that has a cult following around the globe and haggis, which depending on your tastes may make you salivate or run! Scottish tablet utilises copious amounts of sugar yet makes a divine pairing with a cup of tea! The Atlantic Ocean thunders right up to Scotland’s doorstep and offers perhaps the freshest Shetland salmon you’ve tasted!  Savour local delicacies like whiskey mac and hot toddy while you ponder over Scotland’s delightful feast including treats like stovies and howtowdie!


3. Road trip to heaven!


Uh oh! Does't look like he's mooving! Image by Bent Sigmund Olsen on Flickr


Drive into one of the most visited regions in the UK and treat yourself to a road trip of from England, Wales, Northern Ireland and even the US and Canada. Roads leading from US and Canada comprise of small, coiling roads, but you shouldn’t let that discourage you. Scotland is worth the drive!Take as much time as you need exploring the sites and attractions along the way. Stay on the left and keep an eye out for the shaggy, utterly adorable Highland cattle!



4. Glasgow or Edinburgh? It’s like choosing between two favourite aunts!


Glasgow. Image by csomorb on VisualHunt.com / CC BY



Edinburgh. Image by Dun.can on Flickr


There’s a healthy rivalry between the citizens of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Think of Edinburgh as the older aunt who holds a wealth of beautiful locations and attractions while Glasgow is more like a super cool, rebellious aunt who’s invariably down to party! For an authentic experience, make time to see them both!

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5. Lose yourself in the Enchanted Forrest


Enter the Enchanted Forest! Image by anya_mackay on Instagram


The intoxicating and cultural visuals at the award-winning light and sound show, The Enchanted Forest, is certain to blow your mind! Little red riding hoods, Goldilocks, fairies, pixies and Hansel and Gretel’s mingle and chatter among the winter show of stunning light and sounds displays. You’ll have the opportunity to head deep into the forest of Perthshire and explore mysteriously illuminated surroundings, listen to Scottish tales inside the storytelling yurts, stare in wonder at the aerial artists above your head and overindulge on Angus beef, haggis, mulled wine and more!

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6. Live it up like a Viking!


Wave them torches! Image by outlander_poland on Instagram


The Viking festival of Up Helly Aa is a great day to unleash your inner Viking with the elimination of plundering, looting and violence! Take part (responsibly) in an age-old tradition that sees throngs of natives celebrate the end of traditional Scottish period of Christmas known as the Yule.  The construction of a huge Viking ship occurs annually. On the last day of Yule (usually the 28th of January but the date varies) amid the lighting of thousands of traditional torches, the night sky fills with classic songs of the Up Helly Aa festival. The huge Viking ship is taken to its final resting place and torched signifying that it’s now time to get tipsy on Scottish tipple! Expect to hear a great deal of statements like “ma heid’s mince!” the following morning!


We hope we’ve given you ample reason to visit Scotland. If you liked this article here’s a great chance to drink in the beauty of Western England and Wales!






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