A Small Roundup

Back to the camperbug blog  April 06, 2020

It's been a little while, to say the least, since there has been a blog post on Camperbug and it's definitely time to do a little round up of the past year or so. So what's been going on? Well lots of exciting stuff actually. We've been incredibly busy and Camperbug has grown to become the largest vw campervan hire website on the internet. There are many fantastic campervan companies all over the UK and lots of them use Camperbug but the site itself is a useful tool for a potential hirer that wants to see all the vans in one place. They can see the campervans that are available for hire in the UK and message all the owners directly from the comfort of the rather comfy campervan messaging system. Every day more and more vans are joining and the interest in campervan holidays seems to not be waning.

There have been thousands of amazing trips completed and long lasted memories made by our users that have rented a van through the site, something of which we're really proud and we don't want to stop there. We want to keep providing an amazing service and telling more and more people about all the amazing places they can visit in a camper and all the wonderful adventures they can have. There really is not better way to travel.


If you're reading this post and if you have a van and you might consider renting it out then feel free to drop us a line and we'll happily provide some advice. We not that sharing your camper is not for everyone but it's a great way of covering some costs and an excellent source of additional revenue. Many people are slightly unsure about renting their van at first and Camperbug understands this being bus heads ourselves. However, many campervan owners will hire their van for just a couple of weeks of the year to cover insurance and tax. For a single week, you could hire your van to a careful young family of four, who drive it carefully to a beautiful campsite on the coast, where it sits securely parked. The family have a fantastic week and the campervan owner gets to cover some maintenance costs. The first hire is always the hardest, but once you tale the plunge and do the first one, you won't look back. The sharing economy is growing and Camperbug is happy to play its part in collaborative collaboration assisting communication between campervan owners and hirers. So have a think and let us know what you decide!

Finally we have a new page with various badges that you can grab and post on your site. We'd love to see the Camperbug illustrations popping up in different places! If you look at the badges page, then these are all there. Just click this link to find them

Here is an example of one.

Also you can see the Camperbug scroller below which appears on our homepage.  This is the wonderful scrolling bar of campervans which features on our homepage. This bar constantly updates as campervan owners "feature" their vans so is always different. If you would like to have lots of beautiful campers scrolling across your webpages, just grab the code underneath and paste it on your page. It is highlighted in bold underneath the scroller itself.

So the code for the scroller is above, you can whack it into your Wordpress blogs or websites and it should work just fine. We are also planning a series of illustrated gifs based on the Camperbug illustrations, that should look quite nice too.  Any issues, please let us know. Well that's all for now folk, just a small quick update, more very soon! Ahem.

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