Camperbug Sessions 2 - Interview with Rent a Retro Camper

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Update: This company has gone the way of the dinosaur, dodo and erm the Unicorn :( - check out more great campervans by checking the CAMPERVANS tab above

The second Camperbug session of 2011 and indeed the second session of all time has landed!

After the first Camperbug session with a small company who runs a campervan hire company in Cheshire, we have been inundated with requests for interviews and are trying to find time to fulfil everyone’s requests. Many hands make light work as they say but at this time hands are few and responsibilities many and so to use another figure of speech the best things come to those who wait!

Thus without further ado, we move onto the second campervan company to receive the now surely infamous Camperbug spotlight treatment :-) and so we shine our beam brightly upon Rent a Retro Camper.

We’ve decided to interview this campervan hire company from Kent for a couple of reasons. Without a doubt their beautiful vans Olive, Anni, Monty and Belle would have guaranteed them a session in the first instance, as they are truly some of the finest and well kept VW Campervans that we’ve seen but the reason we’ve brought forward their session and also made Olive van of the month is because Jane and Paul haven’t had the best luck over the past few weeks. Their website was hacked and subsequently Google has removed them, they’ve been penalised by the search engine which has since seen them being de-indexed. Google has written to them to and informed they’ll be re-indexed in the next couple of weeks. So for reasons not of their own making they’re without a searchable website until this happens. So we think it’s only fair that we try to get them as many fresh enquiries as possible, this is an important time of year and lots of potential campervan hirers are planning their summer get away and we don’t want them to miss out.

Rent A Retro Camper styles itself as the original classic 1970’s classic Volkswagen camper van rental for holidays and short breaks away. Their vans are driven to all four corners of the United Kingdom.

Monty the Campervan

One day in the workshop, Paul surrounded by the various vehicles that he was restoring, caught sight of an original 1970’s VW Campervan and paused in thought. The seed of an idea was born and he called Jane and a five minute conversation one Sunday morning led them to the conclusion that running a travel company, hiring out beautiful Volkswagen campervans was a calling they needed to answer.

In hindsight, this was an inevitable outcome for the two of them. Previously, Jane had run a promotions company which helped independent traders to focus on processes designed to enhance their customer’s experience of their products. Paul had always had a love of travelling and this passion for travel and a further fascination for the great explorers made the combination of their two day jobs and the formation of Rent a Retro Camper a happy outcome.

Paul has always recognised the power of the campervan. He was often surrounded by customers whose campervans he had restored telling him tales of the adventures they had had. It was always apparent that people had a strong affinity with vw campervans and they were universally loved by everyone no matter their age or walk of live.

Excited by the possibility of building a company doing something they loved they decided to focus on a quality approach to the business. Their classic campers would be the best on the market and renting them out would lead to a lot of people having some great holidays – all thanks to Paul and Jane.

Olive the Campervan
VW campervan holidays are generally irresistible; they are camping in true style. They
allow people to go anywhere they want and at a pace that suits them. Hiring a van from Rent a Retro to travel around the UK in, means no airport delays, ferry strikes, traffic queues, or expensive parking.

The company has 3 mint Type 2 Bay Window and 100% original 1970’s vans and one T25 from the 80s.
Olive, our van of the month is gorgeous. She’s a lovely mango green and cream campervan that sleeps four people in the lap of luxury for a truly glamorous camping experience

Monty is the T25, he sleeps two and his eye catching graphics make him the ideal surfing bus.
Belle and Anni are both imported from California and are left hand drives. Belle is soft pale blue and cream and Ann is a stunning Orange.
All their VW Campervans have had full bare metal restoration, new engines, new top quality paintwork and brand new interiors and upholstery. They come with a fully comprehensive insurance and breakdown cover and Paul and Jane always keep a back up vehicle of the same specification in case of an emergency.
Also customers can park their own vehicles in their fully insured workshop whilst they’re away for free of charge.
Plus all customers receive a full list of high quality camping equipment at no extra cost, so all you really need to bring is your clothes and you’re ready to go!

Two vans, Anni on the right

We asked them what the furthest distance their vans have travelled and discovered that Olive had been to the Swiss Alps giving the people that had hired her a wonderful time.

We also asked them what they would do differently if they started again. They warn of using large multinational companies and advise that people seek out smaller dedicated companies when seeking goods or services: “We always invite people to ask us who we use, having a reliable dedicated team around you supporting your business is essential to its success.”

For Paul and Jane the whole point is creating a truly memorable experience. We really appreciate (customer) feed back .Making sure they have had a really good experience is critical to our business and makes it all worth while.

Right now, they are happy with their fleet of vans but look forward to the opportunity to one day add another bay window or even a split screen van as well as promoting some undiscovered parts of the UK to their customers.

Many camper companies do campervan hire company in Kent

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