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Happy New Year everyone.

Just read an excellent article by Darren from Campervan Life which really inspired me. In fact I was reading it till gone 3 this morning so as well as inspiring me it's left me quite tired! But seeing as it's a bank holiday on Monday - what the hell.  I think it's fascinating to see Darren take his Mercedes Van, a simple everyday vehicle and then with not much money but a lot of dedication create something truly wonderful.   The "stealth" campervan that he creates is a beautiful looking machine and from all the travelling that he has done in it obviously a trustworthy and efficient one. I've never built a campervan but when I have a little more time, I think I will give it a go.  The volume of comprehensive information relating to vehicle construction on the the internet is such that there really is a lot of guidance for anyone that wants to try.  So when I find the time, get a lock up and the gumption to do it I will, and I shall blog about my exploits right here.

The article also got me thinking about the nature of the Camperbug website.  It's a lovely website that I'm really proud of but I'm starting to thing that the focus of it could be construed as being quite narrow.  From this I don't mean the concept, which I am certain is essentially sound.  The concept being that Camperbug is a location for Campervan owners (commercial and non-commercial) to advertise their van for use by others during downtimes when the vehicle was not in use.  However, the narrowness that I mention is related to the scope of the website.  I decided to construct a VW campervan hire website which is fine...  but when you read articles like the one I mention above then you understand that there is more to life then the wonderful Volkswagen.  Mercedes are great and so is the Luton and even the Transit! And all these vehicles have ardent enthusiasts. The nature of the Camperbug website is such that these groups are possibly excluded from it  and I've been wondering over the past few weeks whether it is right to do so?  I think reading Darren's article really made my mind up finally that it was not right to focus slowly on one type of vehicle. When I first launched Camperbug, someone on a forum mention this point earlier ( a Talbot owner I believe) and the more I think about it, the more I know that focusing on a single type of vehicle is a limiting past time.

The essential point of the campervan is the adventure, it's about taking a van and taking it to the Glastonbury Festival or travelling all across Europe in it.  Campervans of all shades and hues mean freedom and adventure.  The tinkering and the building is great but the purpose is the travel.  Or at least it is for me.  I bought Notty so that I could travel far and wide in her.  I want to free camp on beaches, fish in crystal blue lakes, partying in Paloma or eating sandwiches overlooking mountain gorges...  There are more things I would like to do to but I'm beginning to wax a little too lyrical so it's time to leave those thoughts for a little while.  Anyway, the ultimate conclusion is that I want the website to be a campervan community that welcomes one and all, so I don't intend to be precious about other types of campervan owner who wish to place information about their vehicles on the website.  You're all welcome!

In the short term I am going to optimise the website in relation to VWs as I think it will be  easier to get some traction on the search engines for a more specific series of keywords relating to a particular type of vehicle.  I guess once I have achieved this then I shall open the website up to the wider audience and attempt to market it to the wider community of travel enthusiasts that make up the fascinating world of van owners.

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