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Back to the camperbug blog  April 06, 2020

Before I begin, I'd like to draw everyone's attention to the rather wonderful VW Campervan called Felicity, who is owned by Paul at North East Campervan Hire.  She's an absolutely beautiful model and a really nice example of a new Brazilian van that has been converted by Danbury, who do a splendid job converting T2s.  It looks really well fitted inside and I love the way that it's been finished to a very high standard.  I've pasted some blurb below about Felicity from the NECH website. If I didn't have Notty and was looking for a little VW campervan hire action, I would certainly be giving those guys a call.

Felicity is a Brazilian T2 bay camper converted by Danbury and is a real affordable way to see the country in total comfort. She has seat belts front and rear for 5 people and sleeps four - there is a king size bed and a double bed above with mattress if required and for extra space you can hire a 2 man or a four man awning. The stereo system has MP3/iPod connection so you can take all your favourite music with you on your travels.

Aside from Felicity, I thought I'd let you know that I've been busy beavering away over the past few weeks writing good unique content for the site and refining the code.  I've been pleased with the positive response to the website and the physical effects of such a positive response are that a number of people have sent me traffic by linking directly to Camperbug.  Building a really good looking website does mean that people like it and are happy to be associated with it.  I've also been receiving a few requests for reciprocal links which is cool and with companies that I respect I am happy to write about them, describe what they do and generally get an idea for how they operate but am also careful of companies that link to everything and everyone and could potentially harm you by association.  Sending out a bad outbound link by linking to the wrong websites is extremely bad for by business! Being found linking to a bad company is a real no no.

With Camperbug I want to create piles of great and fresh content. The Camperbug website generates a lot of fresh news daily, which is great for organic search.  I'm building a database of beautiful campervans. Everytime a new van is added, we have a number of wonderful pictures uploaded too and also the description of the vehicle itself, so with every van the website creates a series of  web pages.  This kind of content is really useful. Where possible I try to avoid query string URLs.  You want clear URLs in the address bar, relevant titles to all your pages and clear descriptions , basically do stuff that makes it easy for the search engines to find and index you.  A clear sitemap submitted to webmaster tools and all the rest go without saying but the production of good and fresh content is always key. However, something I've noticed that has had a really big effect was when I connected up the Twitter account.  The Camperbug twitter account is called Camperbugz.  There's is a web squatter who has taken the actual Camperbug username and is just sitting on it, in the hope that someone comes along and offers them money for it I guess but they're welcome to it.  Anyway, Google couldn't seem to get enough of fresh tweets appearing on the Camperbug pages, it had a very positive effect.  I guess everytime it spiders, there is something a little different, which it might like.  In the past couple of weeks for keywords like VW Campervan Hire, the website has gone from around page 14 where it just got indexed and appeared to where it sits on page 3 today.  I though it would take a bit longer to get here because some of these keywords are getting 19,000 hits a months but what I've been doing is relevant and good so it's nice to see a positive reward for such activity.  Web marketing can be a hit and miss pastime so affirmation of work undertaken is nice to see.  So I would hope to break page 1 in the next couple of weeks, then I'm going to consolidate my positions and after that spend a few months going after the really big keywords! The ones that do 300,000 in a month. That's going to be a much longer and harder task but I'm up for it.  Anyway, in conclusion, I'd put the recent success down to the Camperbug Twitter account. Who said Twitter was no good for anything.

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