A walk along the Devon coast at East Prawle

Back to the camperbug blog  April 06, 2020

I went for a walk on the coast in East Prawle before the new year came in. It was an overcast, cold day and much of Devon had snow on the ground but this small village on the southernmost tip of the Devon coast was free from snow but wrapped in a beautiful fog.

I took a route down the bridle-way from the village which lead down to the coast.  The path was rocky and wet but the views in the distance showed a sea that was shrouded in fog. The greys and blues of the landscape were beautiful and I had a lot of fun taking shots.

Walking along the coast for a few miles and really enjoyed taking shots of the view. The rocks taper down to the sea and the rhythm of the waves has created striated ledges which reach out to the sea. The rock pools which have been created by the eroding actions of the sea look like great spots to farm mussels and I hope to return to this spot with a bucket for a spot of foraging very shortly!

This is a really interesting and rugged part of the county. It tends to get ignored as it is a little harder to reach then the more popular and larger resorts found along the coastline but this would make a good spot for bringing the campervan for a spot of wild vanning.

Walking along the coastline fulfills two passions which I need to indulge more in 2011.  Namely walking and photography.  I got really into messing around with the white balance on my camera during the walk but have only included the photos on this blog which were shot using a fairly natural white balance.  I took quite a few other out there shots using iridescent settings which are interesting to look at but were a little outlandish and tended to detract from the scene. The cove below was very pretty and I'd very much like to sit down there when the tide is out and spend a few minutes looking out to sea.

Going around the headline revealed a respite to the rocky shoreline and a green grassy bank emerged. I recommend this part of the Devon coastline to anyone visiting Devon for their holidays. All along the coastline there are plenty of places where you can picnic and its relative isolation means that there are some great views of the coast line unspoilt by hoards of tourists.

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