European Campervan Hire  May 2nd, 2011

European Campervan Hire

Well the summer seems to be well and truly upon us, long bright evenings and warm balmy weather has been seen and felt all over the UK. Folk are always more interested in the outdoors when the sun is shining, which means we’ve been receiving a lot of traffic on Camperbug as a result and the enquiries have been flying back and forth. Whilst travelling all over the UK is enough for some, oher visitors are interested in taking the vans a little further afield with European Campervan Hire being asked about with more and more frequency. Some vans aren’t able to venture onto the continent, their campervan insurance doesn’t cover it, or people just don’t like letting them going so far, so I’m compiling a list of the vans that can. If you have a van that you’re willing to rent out to hirers in Europe, could you email and let us know and we’ll add it to a list that visitors to Camperbug can have a flick through. We’ll create internal links to your Camperbug page and people can browse through the vans on offer.

The second version of this website will also include a list of campers available for hire on the continent,so here’s a pretty picture of the map that will feature on those forthcoming pages!

European Campervan Hire Map

European Campervan Hire Map

May 11th and no response from anyone! I don’t think anyone reads this blog, ho hum.
Anyway, I have an awesome idea for how to present this data when it’s ready, so watch this space

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