So Little Time!  February 12th, 2011

Camperbug is taking more and more time and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done!

Two months in and the progress the site is making is excellent. I am sure that over the next year Camperbug will become one of the key locations for VW Campervan Hire on the web. There are more and more amazing campervans being added everyday, we’ve got 155 now. It’s also great to see the beautiful campsites that are appearing too, of which there are just over twenty. Check out this recent beauty, a lovely campsite in Anglesey called Llanbadrig. Can’t wait to visit, roll on the summer…

I’m off to Australia on Wednesday to be best man at a forthcoming wedding and am foolishly still finishing writing the speech! Hence this procrastinatory blogpost on a Saturday night when I could be doing something far better and the numerous cups of tea all designed to take me away from actually writing the darned thing! Ho hum.

Finally, here’s a link to the newest vw campervan called Tinkerbell, who features on the site courtesy of Stella at Passage Unwritten. She’s a lovely vehicle indeed. I don’t know that anyone apart from the zillions of spammers read these posts – and the spammers really seem to love it too! they’re always commenting on its quality, whilst at the same time trying to slip in their link to – but if anyone does, you may be pleased to discover that my new trusty netbook and Nikon will also be making the trip with me, so expect some scintillating shots of vans that I spot down under!

G’day All.

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