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Camperbug is Born

December 22nd, 2010

Hello World and welcome to Camperbug.

So the website has been live and tested on but now it looks like we’re ready to rock and roll. I’ve done lots of testing and fixed a huge amount of bugs.  So now we have a robust website, which is simple to use and works really well.

All query string emails have been eradicated and the site has been indexed by Google because in fact it’s been live for quite a few weeks in its test phase.  So even though it’s been alive for a while today is the first real day of life.  So hello Camperbug, welcome to the world you’ll find it a rich and varied place and here’s hoping you contribute to the enjoyment that people get out of life.

Hopefully this sees the start of a really useful website for all those people looking to rent out a VW can for all those people looking to rent theirs out.

It’s taken lots of hard and time to build, there’s no real purpose in mind other than to make this a darn useful website.  Whilst there are dozens of VW Campervan companies out there, there doesn’t seem to be any one website that combines so many beautiful VW Campervans in one place.

Here is how the site looks today.  WHo knows what incarnations it will take in the future but I’m pretty proud of it for now.

How Camperbug looks when born!