Campervan : Bobby

County : Cornwall Campervan Hire
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Bobby has a pop-up roof so sleeps 4. It has a electric fridge, gas hob, and running water. All sparkling and new.

Van Information

Van Name : Bobby Van Type: VW Transporter T5 Engine: 1968cc Fuel type: Diesel Transmission: Manual Radio: CD Player Seating: Three in front, two further belted rear bench seats. Seatbelts: 3-point inertia belts on front seats, lap belts in rear. Roof rack: NA Bike rack: NA


Roof: Pop up roof Sleeping: Bench seat folds down to form double bed and double bed in pop-up roof. Berths: 4 Dining: Removable main table sits in center of floor, faced by three back seats and revolving front seats. Fridge: Electric Fridge Cooking: Twin-burner gas hob. Washing: Stainless steel sink Curtains: New curtains on all windows. Heating: NA Lighting: Florescent strip light and spots. Storage: Storage under bench seats and in cupboards at rear. Energy: Mains hook-up cable supplied. Two butane cylinders Electrical eqpt: Mains hook-up cable supplied. Two butane cylinders Fire equipment: Fire extinguisher & fire blanket. Self catering: Comprehensive inventory included. Optional Extras: DVD player, tent awning, tent, sleeping bags

Useful Information

Where can we go:Uk and Europe
Insurance Ages:25-70
Am I Insured: Fully comprehensive Insurance
Holiday Hire:Yes
Wedding Hire:
Prom Hire:
Car Parking:Off road parking
Breakdown Cover:Breakdown cover offered
Pets Allowed:Sometimes Ask Us!



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