Campervan Hire Dumbartonshire

The county of Dunbarton or Dunbartonshire serves as a historical and registration county, lying partially north and west of the city Glasgow. The county splits into two parts, with the more substantial western portion containing many steep hills that slope towards Loch Lomond, River Clyde and Loch long and Gare Loch. The name Dunbarton stems from the Scottish Gaelic word Dùn Breatainn which means the fortress of the Britons.

The prehistoric settlers left remains of small forts and tumuli including numerous relics of the Antonine Wall, erected between Firth of Forth and the River Clyde. The county served as the ancient seat of the old Kingdom of Strathclyde which was one of the Welsh kingdoms of the Dark Ages. The kingdom stood strong throughout many centuries until it fell under Scottish influence and later ruled by the English. The county subsequently ceded power to the King of Scots.

There are many locations one can savour in the county of Dunbartonshire including Loch Lomond which is the largest lake in Britain by surface area. One of Scotland’s most important modern structures, The Ruins of St. Peter’s Seminary, were meant to hold a large number of priests however the now hauntingly uninhibited building is a reminder of a now obsolete function of secluded seminary college training for Catholic priests.

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