Campsite Argylleshire

Below is a list of the Campsites available throughout the county. For more information about a Campsite, click the links.


port ban

Location: port ban
Available: 2nd April to 13th August
Description: Situated near a beautiful location on the beach, Port Ban Holiday Park is a place where you can relax from all the hustle and bustle of the urban lifestyle. Enjoy the rich diversity of flora and fauna as well as relish the splendor of the setting sun as you leisurely explore half a mile of the pristine seashore. Indulge in recreations like fishing,...

Red Squirrel Campsite

Location: Red Squirrel Campsite
Available: Open all year
Description: A campsite that has magnificent views of nature surrounded with beautiful valleys, cold flowing running water from the river and a 22 acres woodland for camping with well-maintained facilities. Named after the camp was occupant by red squirrels but now are rarely to be seen. You can pitch your tent almost everywhere within the site, pitch it behind...

Tobermory Campsite

Location: Tobermory Campsite
Available: March to End of October
Description: Remember Balamory? Yes it’s a children show on BBC filmed in Tobermory mainly because of its beautiful location and its unique colourful houses. Just about 2 ½ kilometres a site also with beautiful locations and views resides Tobermory campsite. It’s a small campsite with a clean and a basic facility including a payphone. The site ...