Campsite Ceredigion

Below is a list of the Campsites available throughout the county. For more information about a Campsite, click the links.



Location: Manorafon
Available: low/mid season A weekend runs from Friday 16:00 to Monday 10:00 Midweek runs from Monday 16:00 to Friday 10:00 A week runs from Friday 16:00 to Friday 10:00 or Monday 16:00 to Monday 10:00 fforest high season Bookings run from Saturday 16:00 to Satu
Description: A serene ambiance and a plethora of wildlife, this site is a great escape from the urban life. The glittering coastline of Penbryn beach provides a panoramic seascape. Further, the site offers different areas for camping consisting of cabins, the sheltered grassy field and the house.

Tyngwndwn Farm

Location: Tyngwndwn Farm
Available: All Year Round
Description: This site is ideal for all genres of campers as it offers numerous activities for adults and children. The site is abound with a wide diversity of floras and faunas. Families who wish to visit here will have a great time stargazing, bonding, and at the same time do whatever they love to do. Each pitch has its own fire pits so that every guest can ...


Location: TeifiMeadows
Available: April to October
Description: It’s a small campsite surrounded by nearby beautiful attractions located in Ceredigion. Pitches are located on a wide grass plain area. The site is ideal for anyone who love wildlife encounter, enjoys tireless adventure activities and exploring the woods on foot while discovering new footpath for mountain trekking. The site is surrounded by ...