Campervan : FEZElRancho

County : Essex Campervan Hire

FEZ is a Uber cool '61 Splitscreen Mictobus that oozes charm and character. This multiple show winning bus has featured in Volks World Magazine and is a real head turner. Rescued from a Arizona junk yard FEZ wears his patina well showing the scars with .45 cal bullet holes, faded original paint and original laminated glass that's melted in the baking Arizona sun. FEZ has a great theme with his custom sign writing livery as a 'El Ranch Hotel' hospitality bus. El Rancho was a popular chain of U.S motels in the 50-60's and some still exist today. Optional vintage suitcases and trunks can be loaded on the roof rack to complete the look. Fez is the perfect bus for Wedding Hire Also....


Van Information

Van Name : FEZElRancho Van Type: VW Transporter T1 Engine: 1.6 litre, aircooled. Fuel type: Unleaded petrol. Transmission: Manual Radio: Original Blaupunkt Radio Seating: Front bench seat for 2/3 people. Middle bench seat for 2. Rear bench seat for 2/3 people. Seatbelts: Lap belts throughout. Roof rack: Full length vintage roof rack with optional vintage trunk & suitcases. Bike rack: N/A


Roof: Hydraulic elevating roof with vinyl sides & roof light. Sleeping: Bench seat folds down to form double bed. Berths: NA Dining: NA Fridge: NA Cooking: NA Washing: NA Curtains: NA Heating: NA Lighting: NA Storage: NA Energy: NA Electrical eqpt: NA Fire equipment: Fire extinguisher & fire blanket. Self catering: NA Optional Extras: NA

Useful Information

Where can we go:Local Area Only
Insurance Ages:25-70
Am I Insured:
Holiday Hire:No
Wedding Hire:Chauffeur Driven Wedding Hire
Prom Hire:Yes
Car Parking:
Breakdown Cover:
Pets Allowed:Sometimes Ask Us!



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