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John Eadon 2018-08-03 09:32:42

Campervan : Daisy-1973

We hired Daisy (VW Camper) for our Minimoon from Paul and Beth and everything was spot on. Paul and Beth were very helpful kept the camper in excellent condition. Daisy was absolutely perfect, with a couple of unobtrusive upgrades which improved function and reliability without taking away from the old fashioned feel. Highly recommend booking for as long as possible! Thank you, John & Vikki
Sorrel Williams 2018-08-02 12:31:52

Campervan : BUZZZ

Had a fantastic time in Buzz - hired him for a long weekend whilst undertaking a weekend of triathlon. The customer service from owner was faultless and the van was amazing! Everything you could possibly want was included, with great attention to detail and some really thoughtful touches. I wouldn\'t hesitate to hire from them again - just brilliant.
David Todd 2018-07-31 13:02:56

Campervan : GeorgeT4

Our trip was a non starter. The van would not start on arrival. After travelling half an hour to pick up. Disrupting the plans for the start of our weekend. The van wasn’t clean. Filthy actually. I will enclose some photos. Which include a used plaster on the floor! In mitigation the gentleman renting the van was having some health issues. He did actually foresee these and really should just have cancelled instead of wasting our time. Furthermore the refund of the £500 (deposit) I\\\\\\\'m still waiting for. It has been auctioned. It was taken immediately but have to wait a week for its return! Not good. Not a professional or easy experience. Your website needs vast improvement too. Maybe a better form of contacting the owners. Appreciate you need paying for your service. But perhaps install some different way of collecting your fee or improve the format of your website to make communication easier. Instead of allowing my weekend to go up in smoke I contacted Mr who I had used before and he sorted me a van instantly. He is absolutely professional and friendly and highly recommend. Many thanks David Todd
David Bailey 2018-07-30 21:57:08

Campervan : Vincent

Last week was our first holiday in a camper van, so we decided to venture to the Scottish North Coast and complete the North Coast 500. Vincent is a splendid van, comfortable but compact, and the 7 days we spent in his company were great fun. We had camped before but Vincent gave us all the fun of camping with none of the problems - a proper bed (my back says thanks!), quick set up and take down (10 minutes by the time we got to the end of the week) and all the mobility you could hope for. We had one of the best week\'s holiday of our lives, and will be repeating the experience next year!
Robert Leech 2018-07-25 11:34:21

Campervan : Chas

We had a great weekend exploring in Sussex. The campervan is great: really comfortable, well equiped and great to drive. We\'ll hire it again soon.
Martin Braik 2018-07-25 07:26:48

Campervan : Axle

Overall, the experience went as planned. I\'m sure we paid much less for this van than we would have if we\'d gone through a traditional RV rental agency. We had the van for 30 days, so I\'m not sure how representative our experience is. The owner, Rich Holmden was very pleasant and responsive to our questions. He wasn\'t overly picky about how clean the van was when we returned it (good, because it already needed a wash when we picked it up). Only issues: Owner didn\'t have a way to collect the insurance deposit. Fine by me, but if anything serious would have happened, it may be tough on him. Certain problems with the vehicle were not disclosed until after final payment was made. It would be nice to see the good, the bad, and the ugly before deciding on a vehicle. The van got much worse mpg than the owner said, so it cost considerably more in diesel than I had expected. The electric system in the van is not well done. One has to plug in different cords in a cabinet at the rear to use the inverter, or to charge the battery, or to use shore power. This was a minor inconvenience, but I\'m sure someone with less experience using such systems would run into problems. The driver\'s side sliding door overlaps with the shore power outlet, so I managed to break the plastic cover to it. I was quoted 100 GBP to have it fixed, which was WAY too much, especially because it was a design flaw. After further discussion, Rich waived any fee for it (plus, I managed to fix it with super glue). Great experience!
Taravandana Lupson 2018-07-24 22:33:47

Campervan : Vinnie

I can highly recommend Baxter the Campervan from Manchester. Having spent 6 days travelling and living in him i am hooked on Campervans. He is a very modern, easy to drive, clean and well equipped van. And his owners cannot be more helpful and easy to work with. Thanks very much for making this trip so easy enjoyable and memorable. Camerbug also makes hiring a Campervan easy and gives you so much choice too. However the website isn\'t easy to navigate or understand and the writing is small. It took me 3 attempts to pay for my deposit and to understand how to pay for the Van booking. I think the instructions could be made alot clearer and easier to follow. Thanks Taravandana
Imogen Keane 2018-07-24 10:32:35

Campervan : Misty2

We rented Misty Rabbit for the weekend for a trail running festival. From start to finish the experience was amazing. The owner of Misty was quick at responding to any questions and gave us all the information we needed ahead of pick up. Misty provided us with a comfortable place to sleep and great amenities including tap water, a fridge and a cooker. I would most definitely rent Misty again or any other campervans from the owner. 100% success.
Patrick Doyle 2018-07-22 11:53:49

Campervan : Nile

Carrie and Christophe were a pleasure to deal with from the get-go. They were professional and thorough with practical and and contractual elements, and friendly and warm in person. The van itself was a credit to them. Forecourt condition doesn\'t do it justice. The van specification was excellent and whilst I consider myself a competent driver, the ESG gearbox made the van a doddle to drive. Air conditioning was a very welcome feature in summer 2018 too. With 2 small kids and fantastic weather, we never needed to use the awning this time, and the campervan had everything needed for the fortnight. I wouldn\'t hestiatate to recommend renting with Carrie and Christophe.
Sean Norris 2018-07-19 01:45:02

Campervan : Misty2

We had a great trip with Misty up to the Lake District. The van ran like a dream on both the motorway and winding mountain roads. Patrick was a great and accommodating host. The back up camera and dash cam/smart mirror was great technology bonus that made navigating super easy. We really don’t have a single negative thing to say about this van rental. Misty gave us a perfect holiday!!!
Joe Ball 2018-07-18 15:21:45

Campervan : MiloT4

We had an amazing time in Milo! Cheers Adam for the lend. We used the van as a base camp for our camping trip. Which worked well for our group of 6.Very comfortable for the two that slept in the van, huge amount of jealousy from the people in tents. We ended up storing some stuff, cooking and using the camper as the centre piece for our little camp it was great for of extended weekend getaway. The van drove well - being just bigger than a large car was no trouble for our driver. Overall had a lovely birthday trip - the van was a huge part of what made that easy. Thanks again Adam!
Christine Thompson 2018-07-18 08:49:04

Campervan : Charlie5

We had a brilliant weekend in Whitby, Charlie 5 Campervan was brilliant, very comfortable and spacious, we are definitely going to buy one now, we’ve got the Campervan Bug. Using Camperbug was easy and the owner kept in touch throughout the booking process right up to us collecting and returning the Campervan. Thank you it was a wonderful experience. Christine...
John Gambill 2018-07-17 20:30:36

Campervan : Stella1989

We hired a camper-van from Angus - near Edinburgh, Scotland, for a 5-week tour of the U.K. Angus picked us up in town and took us home with him to go over all the systems aboard the van, assuring us that he would take care of any problems that might arise during our holiday. The van was spotless, equipped anything we might expect, with the added bonus of a featherbed & duvet, folding chairs & table, and sat-nav. Angus checked in with us every several days via text to ensure that we were still having fun. The van was hard to start in the mornings, so he very generously offered to drive to wherever we were to replace the glow plugs himself, which resolved the issue. We traveled from Inverness and the Isle of Skye to as far south as London, exploring and adventuring, and we would not hesitate to recommend hiring from Angus. He was always accommodating and did everything he could to ensure that we had a great experience. Thank you, Angus, for helping to make our holiday truly special, a treasured memory!
Sacha Carlisle 2018-07-16 13:32:51

Campervan : T5sid

Mark - was brilliant and we really enjoyed travelling Devon and Cornwall in Sid for the week.Sid was lovely to drive and had everything you could possibly need for a comfortable trip.Would not hesitate to use again and have already recommended to friends Thanks Sacha and lee
francois gauci 2018-07-11 13:57:20

Campervan : bubble

Brilliant van, so comfortable for the trip we had, which was awesome. No need to head to the continent with the fine British weather as its been. Well organised renter, brilliant interior, vehicle clan and smooth, a real pleasure to drive and work with. Wish it was my van!
Anna Inman 2018-07-10 14:19:09

Campervan : Sam

jo was great with contact and the camper was lovely it was perfect for our perfect day. made day so much smoother having it for the weekend we where not rushed at all. have uploaded one picture but will send more when i fine them all :)
KATIE MILES 2018-07-10 12:31:00

Campervan : VW T6 Maxie

I felt extremely lucky to have received a positive response from Hilary, that she would in fact lend me a van, as it was for just one night. I collected my van, amidst all sorts of difficult family arrangements, actually arriving much later than I had first anticipated, but Hilary could not have been more patient and helpful. She calmly showed me around the van, assured me that my car which I was leaving in her care would be well looked after and was really lovely to my boys who were on their first ever camper van ride! We drove down to Winchester for a friend’s 50th birthday party, and were able to park on her driveway, which meant that we felt super secure and had a great night’s sleep, with the only problem being which boy would get to sleep “upstairs”! In the end, they took it in turns, which did mean waking up in the middle of the night, but at least it was fair! Our return journey was equally easy, with a lovely driving experience all round and the boys enjoyed sitting up front with me, or lounging in the back seat watching DVD’s. When we returned the van, we collected our deposit and were off very promptly, but really appreciated Hilary giving up her time at the weekend to make our trip happen. Thanks again Hilary – we will definitely be back to see you again. Katie, Lucas and Reuben x
Tanja van Oudtshoorn 2018-07-09 20:10:49

Campervan : LalaStar

Vintage van, beautifully presented and extremely comfortable. Lovely owners.
Bruce Seymour 2018-07-09 16:39:23

Campervan : ReggieT5

Great van and Imogen was really helpful. It was an overnight hire and our little boy was poorly so didn\'t get round to photos, but will do next time! Highly recommended.
David Gaskell 2018-07-08 18:47:58

Campervan : bramble

Lovely week spent cycling in Scotland with the van. Van was great and had everything you needed, and Chris took the time to explain all the specific bits and bobs and answer all questions. Would certainly recommend!
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