Campervan : Loki

County : Derbyshire Campervan Hire

Loki is our new camper he has a removable pod kitchen system

Van Information

Van Name : Loki Van Type: VW Transporter T6 Engine: 2.0tsi Fuel type: Unleaded petrol. Transmission: Manual Radio: Dab Seating: Two in front, 3 in the rear Seatbelts: 3-point inertia belts 3 in rear. Roof rack: None Bike rack: 4 bike rack


Roof: Hydraulic elevating roof with vinyl sides & roof light. Sleeping: NA Berths: 5 Dining: NA Fridge: Yes Cooking: Twin-burner gas hob. Washing: NA Curtains: NA Heating: NA Lighting: NA Storage: NA Energy: NA Electrical eqpt: NA Fire equipment: Fire extinguisher & fire blanket. Self catering: NA Optional Extras: NA

Useful Information

Where can we go:Uk and Europe
Insurance Ages:25-70
Am I Insured:
Holiday Hire:Yes
Wedding Hire:
Prom Hire:Yes
Car Parking:Yes
Breakdown Cover:Yes
Pets Allowed:Sometimes Ask Us!



Period Chosen

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