Motorhome Hire Bute

The beautiful islands of Bute, Arran, Great Cumbrae and Little Cumbrae are open for business! Ferry across a motorhome and camp in one of the many luscious islands in the county of Bute! Camperbug is here to add a unique touch to your holidays!

Placed in the inlet of Firth of Clyde in western Scotland, the historic county of Buteshire or Bute comprises of the islands of Bute, the Cumbraes, Arran Holy, Pladda, and Inchmarnock. The islands of Bute and Inchmarnock fall within the council regions of Argyll and Bute while North Ayrshire comprises of Arran, Holy Island, the Cumbraes and Pladda. The most visited of these isles are Bute and Arran while the smaller isle of Inchmarnock, Great Cumbrae also receives a substantial number of tourists each year. The island of Little Cumbrae is the least inhabited of the lot and compared to the lusher neighbour, Great Cumbrae, contains rocky terrain and comprising of towering cliffs. Little Cumbrae fell under the hammer in 2009 and belongs to a wealthy couple who operate a yoga and meditation centre on the island. The island of Bute is very well known for hill pastures. Conversely, the Isle of Arran contains more mountainous terrain. The bay on in both islands is sublime!

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