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The historic county of Sutherland rests in northern Scotland and despite its nameremains one of two most northernmost counties in mainland Great Britain. The county stretches from the North Sea in the east to the Atlantic Ocean to the north and northwest. The Cape Warth and its dramatic cliffs form the northernmost point of mainland Great Britain.

The prehistoric relics of the county include hill forts, standing stones, stone rows, settlements and round towers. Sutherland and neighboring Caithness successively housed the Picts, Scots, and Norsemen. The county fell under the Norse jarl of Orkney, Thorfinn, during the 11th century and the region earned the name Suðrland which means Southern Land. Norse influence remains strong in the region and many place names bear Nordic names. The county contains a far greater Gaelic influence than the neighboring county of Caithness.

The county bears a rough terrain blessed with moors and mountains. The north coast of the county comprises of bays and crags. Two deep sea lochs, Kyle of Tongue and Loch Eriboll, rest along the northern coast. The west coast is not inhabited owing to its rocky and unfriendly landscape. The interior scenery of the county is bleak and a number of lochs dot the hills.

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