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Mark Harrison 2019-09-27 10:31:59
My Wife, myself and our 10 year old GSD recently took Matilda for a 10 day run up and around the west coast of Scotland, managing to get as far as the Isle of Skye from Somerset! We had a fabulous time, saw a great deal of the country, its towns and villages, mountains, rivers and lochs and enjoyed the peace and tranquility that they all provided. Matilda was an excellent example of a travel companion, she was very clean, comfortable, reliable with all the equipment we needed all in perfect working order. We didn\'t need to use the heating at night, surprisingly, so cannot offer comment and we didn\'t use the thin sponge mat provided to sleep on, choosing to take our own double memory foam matress topper to go over the rock and roll bed which made for a comfortable night\'s sleep each evening. The 1.9L engine coped extremely well with the Highlands and was very economical with the diesel. The onboard SatNav was reliable and easy to use, the bluetooth enabled handsfree use of our phones to make and receive calls, however we did need to buy an Aux/bluetooth plug-in adapter to listen to our music/audible books on our phones. All in all, a memorable holiday made more so by the owner, Richard, to whom we are very grateful, not only for his good humoured and patient handover of Matilda but also for his very prompt replies to our unending barage of pre-travel enquiries, both by email and phone text! Highly recommended form of travel and campervan, we will certainly be campervanning again! We have been well and truely bitten by the \'CamperBug\'!!