Campervan: Tiki Red

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Valerie Dupont 2019-08-07 13:42:31
We enjoyed very much TikiRed during our two week trip to Cornwall. TikiRed is slow (50 mph max) but reliable. Passing the gear is not as easy as in a modern car but we leaned quickly. There is no assisted direction but a large driving wheel. We enjoyed the 70\'s bus feeling. We felt that TikiRed is frequently used and has been adapted to the need of its owners and users. We were two adults and we slept very comfortably in the van. It was easy to convert the van from a dinner room mode to a sleeping mode every night. - Covering the window shield - Using the curtain to cover the side window - Setting up the bed There are place enough to put our stuff and to find it easily. The nice thing with TikiRed is that is fully equipped. It come with: - two chairs - a table - 4 plates, 4 glasses, 4 bowls - forks, knifes, spoons, - all kind of cooking tool. - a hammer for the tent - trash bag - washing bag to clean - a brush to clean the van - .. We even had some night with two more people sleeping in the upper side of the van. It is convenient for one or two child, a bit less for adult that are a bit too big to sleep upstairs ;-) We did used the gas fridge nor the sink. We had a very good time with TikiRed. We would love to hire it again. Vivian & Valerie