Camperbug Sessions - Interview with Nick Connah Ltd Camper Hire

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The first Camperbug interview of 2011 is here. Designed to highlight the great and the good in the campervan community the Camperbug Sessions will provide a podium for individuals far and wide to tell people about what they're getting up to and the work they're doing.

Part of the rationale behind the Sessions will be to entertain as well as to inform, we want you to get to know the characters around the country that work on their campervans, whether they be enthusiasts, business owners and more commonly a little bit of both.

Think of these sessions as part fan fiction and part documentary, it's a topic that really excites us and we're going to help you meet the people that help thousands every year to adventure all over the country in these timeless and painstakingly looked after vehicles.

It's all about the vans and where we get to travel in them, so we're attempting to discover some insights and to look forward to the future too. Join us!

Our first Session is with Nick Connah of Nick Connah Limited who with his wife Bev have set up their campervan business. We came across Nick when his beautiful campervans were added to the Camperbug website. He's got four and they all operate from his base in Cheshire. Journeying all over country Nick's vans go across the age spectrum.

The company has been going for just under a year, previously Nick had been working as an agricultural engineer but after thirty years of doing this, the time had come to hang up his boots and try something a little different.

Sky Blue Camper

A change is as good as a rest and having a passion for campervans he decided to start his own campervan hire company. He has a fleet of four vans, called: Darcy; Huey; Freddy and Conny.

Huey, Freddy and Conny are great little campers of the relatively new South American import variety and Darcy is a classic 1979 Westfalia built between the rivers Rhine and Wesser.

Yellow VW Campervan

Nick's particularly meticulous about the upkeep of his vans. By its very nature hiring campervans can be an extremely tricky business, there is often a great deal to think about and to consider when making a hire to a complete stranger and saying goodbye to your van as it merrily goes off on a new adventure could unfortunately be the last time you see it intact! And so Nick is careful not to leave anything to chance, the vans are always serviced and he ensures that they are kept spotless.

When asked whether he prefers the young or old vehicles in his fleet, Nick is non-committal but you feel that his heart lies with the classic Westfalia, he speaks fondly of the trim and the attention to detail which this older generation of vehicle received.

Nick and Bev handle different sides of the business, Nick works on the vans and Bev handles the paperwork. They enjoy running the company as it brings together their two passions in life: "We love the great outdoors and always had a fascination for VW vans so what better but to combine them."

Red camperin the forest

The hard work has started to pay off and this young company with four beautiful vehicles is finding itself busier than ever. Their vans are used for all sorts of social events as well as the usual trips to festivals and journeys all the country. Weddings are ever more popular than ever, with large numbers of couples foregoing the traditional Rolls Royce and being ushered from the church in a pristine VW camper.

White VW Campervan

There are plenty of ups when hiring vans, Nick loves having a fleet of four amazing vehicles but he does urge carefulness when you choose a new vehicle “Always check the vans over carefully when you are thinking of buying one as the first one I purchased required more work than I had anticipated”

His vans have travelled as far as the South West of England where a trip to Penzance gave a family a lot of fun. For the future Nick is looking forward to organically growing the business, he doesn’t have any imminent plans to add another van to the fleet but with the way things are going he feels he might have no choice, which isn’t a bad position to be in.

Nick Connah Ltd Campervan Hire limited are a campervan hire company in Cheshire based near Chester, just off Junction 14 of the M56. They rent out their fleet of four campervans all around the United Kingdom. Enquiries for Nick Connah’s fleet can be made through Camperbug, on 01928 724 551 and also through his website @

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