How To Hire A Camper

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Team camperbug June 10, 2023

How To Hire A Camper on Camperbug.


We're pleased you've found us. Camperbug is a fantastic little campervan travel agency and probably the coolest camper hire site on the net. Ahem. So let's find you a van to adventure in!

Getting Started

To get started you need to find the campervan map, either by clicking on the previous link or using the website navigation. The navigation tab is highlighted.

Finding Campers

Ok then, so you've found the map page. What to do now? This maps lists campers according to the county they are located in. You'll never find the same camper in multiple counties. So choose where you're from, or choose where you're going to. To view the vans, select the county text list on the left hand side or by clicking on the map itself.

Selecting a Camper

Once you've visited a county, you will see a list of the campers for hire within it. Select a camper that suits your particular needs. We have the best campers listed, in locations throughout the country all available for booking through the website. We know you'll love looking at them all!

Camper Profile

Ok so now you've selected a van from the county list and have arrived at its profile page. This information packed page shows lots of information about the camper from sleeping berths through to fuel type used. These pages are kept up to date by the owners with some more dedicated to updating their page than others!

Checking Details

The vast majority of the fantastic campervan owners whose vans are listed on Camperbug do an excellent job of keeping their pages up to date for the site's visitors. However, it's always good practice to double check the items that you're really keen on the camper having, during the enquiry process.

Sending an Enquiry

So now you want to send an enquiry. Select some dates and then type a message about the campervan and hit Send. Woohoo! If you haven't already registered an account you'll need to do this. Dang nam it. But don't worry, this isn't hard to do. After selecting your dates and whilst you're sending your enquiry, the system will send you off to the registration page and then bring you back to where you were, to type in the message. This should be a seamless, simple and painless process but do tell us if you think we can improve it somehow.

Receiving Replies

Once you've sent an enquiry, you can sit back or wait for a reply. You will receive replies in the enquiries section.

Replying to Enquiries

After you have viewed the enquiry, you can open it and send a reply. Hopefully after we've answered all your questions, you'll be raring to book your chosen van. Good luck, enjoy and please ask any questions you wish. We look forward to receiving news about all the fantastic places you've journeyed to in your newly hired campervan!