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Team camperbug May 24, 2021

Our Scheme

You can insure your campervan or motorhome on a daily basis using the Camperbug self drive hire daily insurance scheme. This means you will insure the vehicle for the days on which you have a paid hire agreement in place. Our daily insurance covers you for the dates contained in your hire agreement with the customer. Outside of hire dates, you will need to maintain a social and domestic policy to cover yourself for ‘off hire’. Off hire is when the van is parked on your drive or when it is being used personally

We work with leading UK insurer, Markerstudy Insurance Company Limited the Underwriting Division of the Markerstudy Group to create an insurance product aimed at campervan owners. This is a specialist insurance product on behalf of Camperbug Ltd.

What Is Self Drive Hire Insurance?

Self drive hire insurance allows you to rent out your campervan to other people (ie customers). The policy we create for you, will be in the name of the person that owns the van and not the person hiring it. So if it is your van, the policy is always in your name.

For the duration that the hire policy is in place, the policy is in your name and not in the name of the customer. This means that the hirer is rather like a named driver. This is essential so that in the event of a claim being made there is no need to seek the authority of the hirer to make the claim. To make a claim, in the first instance you would report the incident on the number provided in the documentation you receive when the policy was purchased. The customer is added, rather like a designated driver and allowed to use the vehicle for a period of days as stipulated by the length of the contract that you buy.

Can I Use My Domestic Insurance?

You'll need business insurance to hire out your camper to customers or friends.

A quick conversation with your personal policy provider will make you realise that the insurance you use for your domestic policy isn't suitable . A self drive hire policy allows you to insure paying customers.

All customers must confirm their identities and provide verifying documents before taking the vehicle on hire.

What Periods Does the Camperbug Insurance Cover?

A daily policy will run for the period of your hire only. You pay for the period that the customer is using your van. It does not replace the domestic policy that insures you. The self drive policy will have precedence over your regular insurance for the period of the short term hire. Upon expiration of the hire, your campervan will revert to being insured by your regular insurer. Please check the terms and conditions of your personal insurance policy with your insurer.

To confirm, you will need a domestic policy to cover you for the periods your van is not covered by the daily scheme when using our insurance.

Insurance and Renting Out Your Van on Camperbug

Our insurance is only available for campervans that are listed for rental on Camperbug.

All owners on the site must be verified and registered before access to the scheme is provided.

Our insurance may be used for any hires and not only trips booked through Camperbug.


It's 100% free to register with us. We already list over 700 campervans and motorhomes and we'd love to talk to you about campervan too.

Due Diligence on Hirers Renting Your Camper

Customer address and identity documents need to be processed and verified upon arrival at your premises before releasing your vehicle.

It is important to ensure that the details supplied are correct by requesting physical original copies of the documents. Driving licence, passports and utility bills are the standard forms of communications.

Recording and Storing Copies. These must be kept securely in the event that the insurer requires to view them, in the event of a claim.

Scheme Criteria

Here are the essential criteria:

  • Between 25 and 70 years of age
  • Max of £50k value (£25k+ requiring cat1)
  • Full UK licence for minimum of 3 years
  • Maximum of 6 points on all drivers licences
  • 1 claim (fault/no fault) in last three years
  • SD&P use only
  • 25% Co-Insurance clause on theft


Depending on the value of your campervan or motorhome, these are the excesses applicable to the policy.

  • Value £0-£15k £500 excess
  • Value £25k £750 excess
  • Value £35k £1000 excess
  • Value £50k £1250 excess

European Cover

We cannot offer European cover for any campervan hires currently.

Non UK Licences for Daily insurance

We can insure some customers from outside the UK to drive your van. If they are eligible to be insured, this will add an additional £250 excess to the excess that is already weighted on your vehicle value.

Eligible Country licences with an additional £250 excess are:

  • EU (all European Union licences)
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • USA and Canadian (Upon Referral)

Wedding and Proms insurance on the Daily policy

These hires are fine provided there is no charge and it is a self drive hire of a customer borrowing your van. As long as there would be no “profiting” from the hire it is ok, sharing the expense between a number of parents etc would be acceptable in the case of a prom or a bride paying for a van for her bridesmaids.

What if Someone Does Not Fit the Criteria?

For example, you might have someone a little older or younger than the scheme guidelines. The system is completely automated but of course we are always happy to discuss exceptions to the rule and the online purchase process is designed to allow you to communicate with us and ask questions. So no blanket refusals without recourse to discussion.

We hope that this answers some of your questions, anything else do ask and if you'd like to get yourself registered, just drop us a line and we'd be happy to get you set up.