Camperbug Self Drive Hire Terms and Conditions When Purchasing

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Team camperbug June 10, 2023

Daily Self Hire Insurance Scheme Criteria

Daily self-drive hire insurance cover offered by Camperbug according to the following conditions. These are the details related to the conditions under which the vehicle (Campervan) can be hired out between the Hirer (the person booking the vehicle) and the Owner (the owner of the campervan) for the period of the rental (Hire) as agreed in the rental agreement (Booking Form).

These are the criteria that the Hirer must meet:

  • Two people are covered on every policy for the same price
  • Between 25 and 70 years of age
  • Max of £50k value (£25k+ requiring cat1)
  • Full Licence for minimum of 3 years
  • Maximum of 6 points on all drivers licences
  • 1 claim (fault/no fault) in last three years
  • SD&P use only
  • 25% Co-Insurance clause on theft by hirer

3rd Driver

2 drivers are covered as standard. If a 3rd driver is wanted, please complete the form and this will be referred.

European Cover for daily insurance

We cannot offer European cover for any campervan hires

Non-UK Residents and Licences holders for daily insurance

We can insure some Hirers from outside the UK to drive Campervans. If the Hirer is eligible to be insured, this will add an additional £250 excess to the excess that is already weighted on the Campervan value.

Residents in the following countries must have held their licence for 3 years are acceptable subject to meeting all the standard criteria and subject to an additional £250 excess :-

  • EU (all European Union licences)
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa

USA and Canadian licence holders must be permanent residents of the UK, have held their licence 3 years, meet the standard criteria and are acceptable subject to an additional £250 excess.

Wedding and Proms insurance on the Daily policy

These hires are approved provided there is no charge and it is a self-drive hire of a Hirer borrowing a Campervan. As long as there would be no “profiting” from the hire it is ok, sharing the expense between a number of parents etc would be acceptable in the case of a prom or a bride paying for a van for her bridesmaids.

What if Someone Does Not Fit the Criteria?

Please contact us to discuss anyone that falls outside of the given criteria. Particularly if there is negative driving experience.

Insurance Excess and Security Deposit

The security deposit asked for is often the same cost as the insurance excess. It is collected in advance from the Hirer, typically on the day of the hire or with cleared funds a couple of days before. We recommend that Hirer use paypal or a credit card to pay, in order that they have security in relation to the transfer of this large amount.

Depending on the value of the Campervan, these are the excesses applicable to the Camperbug insurance policy.

  • Value £0-£15k / £500 excess
  • Value £25k / £750 excess
  • Value £35k / £1000 excess
  • Value £50k / £1250 excess


The owner of the Campervan is responsible for buying the insurance in advance by going to the insurance section when they log into Camperbug. It can be purchased using credit and debit cards.

About the Policy

The insurance contract that the Owner has purchased from Camperbug through Markerstudy is a business insurance policy, in the event that the Owner makes a claim during a Hire they would claim against this business policy. Please note that all Hires must have a Rental Agreement / Booking Form in place, which is signed by both the Owner and the Hirer and is in place for the duration of the Hire. It is the responsibility of the vehicle Owner to ensure this is in place for every Hire.

Making a claim

For the duration of the Hire, the policy is in the name of the Owner and not in the name of the Hirer. To make a claim, in the first instance the Owner would report the incident to Spencer Hayes Group who would in turn communicate with Markerstudy. Drop Camperbug an email on [email protected] and we will immediately forward the claim details.

Rental Agreement / Booking Form

All Hires with Hirers require a booking form. The insurance policy will be invalidated without one. The Owner must have a signed booking form in place, copies of Hirer identification details demonstrating that they meet criteria. The Owner holds photos or photocopies of Hirer identification details. If the Hirer falls outside the criteria of the Camperbug insurance scheme, this must be reported and referred and approved before insurance is purchased.

Insurance Basics

The Owner is responsible for purchasing insurance, making sure the Campervan is insured and making sure that the Hirer is fully insured when there are on Hire.

Completing the Booking Form

The Booking Form will contain all conditions important when hiring out a campervan and also the guarantee from the Hirer that they are legally able to hire the Campervan and have faithfully stated their driving experience. For legal reasons, we do not provide Booking Forms as Owner campervan and conditions are different.

Driving Licence Check - Due Diligence and Meeting the Hirer

There are no paper parts to UK driving licences, so it is up to the Owner to confirm any endorsements which exist on the Hirer’s licence. The government provides a service which allows the Owner to do this online. When the Hirer arrives, the Owner must check the Hirer’s information. The Hirer will provide a real driving licence as proof of their identity, utility bills and other documentation with matching addresses to establish their identity in order to hirer the Campervan from the Owner. The Owner must keep copies of the Hirer identification details, in electronic or paper form. Failure to keep these documents and a valid Booking Form, will invalidate the insurance.