Some Forthcoming Features

Back to the camperbug blog  April 06, 2020

I've not blogged in a while as I've been busy writing new content for the website, which has been designed to explain some of the little idiosyncrasies and make Camperbug a little clearer to newbies. Also over the past couple of weeks since my last blog post, I've enjoyed speaking on the phone to a number of VW Campervan hire peeps that were keen to add their vans to the site. It's always good speaking to fellow van owners and hearing what's going on in their world.

Camperbug has been alive for a little over six weeks and in to date there are 137 VW campervans on the website, so so many great vans in such a short space of time is a real achievement and I'm really pleased A small trickle has become a stream and a number of new vans are being added every day.

I'm trying to think of the best way to present all these new vehicles. Obviously you can find all the vans on the Bug Locations map, but I'd like to introduce further shortcuts so visitors can get right in and amongst the new additions in a couple of clicks. Camperbug features a lot of wonderful content after all; I've never seen a website comprised of so many beautiful pictures of VW campervans all in one place- if I do say so myself!

So I've started working on version 2 of the website. There are going to be a host of new features to make it even more useful. For starters I'm going to add a forum. Forums are obviously useful tools for people to discover new information. Camperbug's visitors are looking for ways to hire or to rent out campervans and whilst there are some great forums out there, like Club 80-90 I want to create a place where people that are interested in hires can get together and discuss various issues that they have overcome or somewhere that potential customers can visit and get more information about the hire process and what VW campervans in general are like.

Secondly, I want to clean up the enquiry messaging system. It's a little sloppy looking, there's no way to delete enquiries and thus no control over the content that's appearing in the messaging section, a little spring clean is needed here to bring it up to speed. Finally I want to introduce SMSing into Camperbug by allowing users to receive an SMS on their mobile phone when they receive an enquiry through the site. I think this will be a really useful feature. I can't wait until Camperbug has 1000s of enquiries being processed through it and everyone with a campervan featured on the site is getting lots of enquiries from it and I think this feature will help people to do that.

Plus these two there are a score of other things planned. Some cosmetic and other new features which I'm going to roll out with the intention of making Camperbug an ever more useful tool. Remember to keep your eyes peeled!

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