VW Split Screen Campers

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***Update October 16th 2014 - Almost 4 years on and unfortunately some of these lovely machines are no longer available for hire :(

But some are! just click the photos and also check out others from the map page (campervans tab) above :) ***

The jewel in the crown for most Camperbug visitors is the VW Split Screen. These nostalgic vehicles don't really have a peer of equal standing  in the campervan world.  Their lines inside and out speak of a different golden and perhaps rose-tinted age. When you drive one, you’ll cruise gently along quiet lanes in a vehicle as equally romantic as its surroundings.

We've compiled a list of five vans on Camperbug that are absolute classics, which are available for hire. If you're interested in contacting their owners, click on the pictures to visit their Camperbug homepage.  They're so graceful and cool, it's hard to believe they're available to hire!


VW Split Screen called Beryl

This red van called Beryl is a fully restored original 1964 VW Splitscreen campervan. Containing custom handmade wooden roof and door panels, she has an interior as stylish as her exterior.

Split Personality

A Split Screen Campervan Called Split Personality

The wonderfully named Split Personality is a beautiful green campervan with lovely barn doors. Visit her Camperbug page to see the cool interior.

Mc Lovin

McLovin the Split Screen

McLovin from Vanilla Splits is simply one of the coolest campervans around. Nuff said


Scarlett the red splitscreen

Scarlett the red splitscreen


Lily the Split Screen

And last but never least is Lily from Pembrokeshire. Refurbished, renovated and ready to go, she's a true air cooled classic.

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