Will Camperbug Rent Out My Campervan?

Yes. Of Course. This is actually our sign up page. If you want to join, just fill the form below (check the *s) and off you go. Your profile will be live in minutes.

We all love our VW camper. Whether you have a T1 or a T5 or anything in between, they're wonderful machines to own and bring weeks of pleasure every year. Unfortunately, few of us can holiday all year around which means often your van will be parked unused for large parts of the year.

How Do I Join Camperbug?

Below all this text is a form. It's a bit overly complicated, we created it in 2010 but are in the middle of simplifying things!

Fill it in, pay attention to the * as these are the fields that are required.

If this is all to complicated, then just send an email with a picture of your van and your address to info@camperbug.co.uk and we'll get the basic profile thrown up for you and you can edit it more afterwards.

What Does Camperbug Do?

Camperbug is a Campervan Hire Service Connecting Campervan Owners With Hirers. Camperbug provides a way for those that don't own a VW campervan to experience an amazing holiday away in one. It also provides a way for van owners to recoup some of the money they have spent when they bought their vans.

Will You Insure My Campervan?

Yes. Absolutely. But only if you want us to.

A leading insurer has created a brand new self drive hire insurance scheme, exclusively for Camperbug.

The scheme is for any hire and not just for Camperbug booked holidays.

So as well as marketing your van we are also able to insure it for the duration of the booking. More information here: http://www.camperbug.co.uk/info/campervan-insurance

What does Camperbug Cost?

Camperbug is 100% free to be listed. You can have as many vans on the site as you wish and we take a 10% commission on all hires we send you. There is no requirement to be exclusive with Camperbug. You are free to list your van wherever you want and hopefully we will be able to fill the occasional weekend or spare week that you might have! We will supply you with a:

# A Personal Camperbug Homepage
# Access to an exclusive insurance scheme
# An enquiry form for visitors to contact you
# A portal for uploading images and information about your van
# An online way of viewing enquiries you have received

Visitors will reach your page and they will see all the information that you have uploaded about your van.

How Do I Hire Out My Campervan?

You can have your own Camperbug page like this one notty within minutes!
The form might look detailed but you actually only need to complete a few fields marked * to get started. You can add more data later on or send us an email to info@camperbug.co.uk with a photo of your van and your area, so we know where to add you on the map.
This service is always 100% completely free to use. It never costs anything to be listed. Any hire requests will appear in the messages section. So what are you waiting for? Get started right now and start receiving campervan enquiries today.

Now the complicated form below! If it's too huge, just email us!

Campervan Registration Form

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