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Team camperbug November 03, 2014

Be Featured on the Camperbug Scroller!

So lovely Camperbugs, by now you've noticed the handsome scroller which is gracing our homepage, alongside our beautiful new illustrations, isn't it smashing?

So we know what you're thinking... How on earth do I get my van on there? Well with our usual panache for innovation (ironic statement) we're planning a rather clever little device to feature your campervan on the scroller and homepage. Shortly we will automate the whole procedure but until then please do the following and we'll add your van for you.

The Lowdown

Make sure that you have 8 profile images uploaded onto your profile like the lovely green van featured below.

Once you've uploaded the eight images onto your profile, then please take a little time to update your calendar for the forthcoming two months.

When you've done that, send us an email through the contact form with a link to your profile and we'll add you to the scroller.