How To Rent Out Your Van

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Team camperbug October 31, 2018

How Do I Rent Out My Camper Van?

Camperbug is a popular campervan hire website predominantly featuring gorgeous vw campers. The site allows campervan owners to display rental information about their camper vans to visitors to the Camperbug website. If you wish to rent out your vw campervan or non vw camper van for that matter you can list it it for free on the website.

Camperbug is a fantastic campervan travel agency. We have many many campervan enthusiasts from all around the world seeking a trip away in a camper. The site provides an exciting and new way to generate enquiries and marketing for campervan owners around the country. Camperbug allows the owner, individual or company alike, to market their van or many camper vans to our ever growing audience. We do not charge camper van owners to advertise their vehicles on the website and will liaise with them about any enquiries we receive regarding their vehicle. If an owner has availability and the hirer fulfils all the hire criteria then Camperbug will confirm the booking with the hirer and raise an invoice for the booking fee. To provide the best service to our customers, all hires done through Camperbug should be the same as if the hirer were to go direct.

To rent out your campervan, you will need to create an account. Once you have created an account you can see your unique page like this of a London Campervancalled Notty. This is a permanent URL once created and providing the URL works within Camperbug guidelines and provided it is available, once created you can display it on your other marketing literature

If you are a van owner and need help creating a van then get in touch with us and we can get an account set up for you.

How will people contact me?

We have built a rather lovely calendar section which allows you to update the availability of a van. Potential van hirers will select a date range and send us a message with what they are looking for. We will contact you and you are able to respond to any enquiries you receive through the messaging system.

Company Information and Our One Rule!

We ask camper van owners to not upload direct contact information about their companies on their Camperbug pages. This includes within the URLs, van name areas as well as in the description fields. Camperbug is not a directory; it is a community where all van owners can display their vehicles equally. We want users to stay on site, browse the vehicles on offer and make a decision to enquire based on the information they find on site and not on an individual’s website. In this way Camperbug will become a richer and more useful resource for all our visitors. We are here to provide a simple and useful service, that everyone will enjoy using and not yet another internet directory.

So How Do I start?

To begin, visit the registration page and select the option on the right called Rent Out Your Van as shown below.

This is composed of the Campervan Registration Form, Van Information, Roadworthiness, Insurance and accommodation sections. The form may look a little daunting as there seems to be a lot of information to complete but it is really rather simple. Only a few fields are required to create your account. These are: Username, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Country and County, Van Name, Sleeping info, MOT and Insurance information.

Once you have entered information into these fields you will have created your account. You will have a chance to upload images later on.

You can come back at any point, log in again and edit and input different data. When you have entered in all the information you want, please enter the correct code at the bottom of the form and press Submit. You have created your account and will be taken to the My Camperbug page.

My Camperbug

When you create an account you are taken to the My Camperbug section. This is your part of the website where all the information about your account can be edited and updated from. To reach your account at any point you can always log in from the log in prompt located in the right hand corner column.

Or if you are already logged in you can go to the My Account tab located at the top of the page.

When you are logged you will find the My Camperbug section, which is divided into 5 categories. These are: User Info; View Enquiries, Van 1 and finally Add Van.

Now follows a description of all these parts of My Camperbug.

User Info

This section contains basic information about your Camperbug account. You can edit name, first name, surname password and your location in here.

Van 1 page

The Van 1 section displays information about your campervan. The Van 1 shows information related to the vehicle that you typed in information for during the registration process. The Van 1 page is quite detailed and contains all the tools which you need to keep your live van page up to date. These sections are the Van Information section, the Accommodation section plus Roadworthiness and Insurance Sections. There is the also the image upload section as well as Cost and availability. For more detailed information visit the Van 1 page about how to update your personal Camperbug page.

View Enquiries page

This page shows enquiries that you receive from people wishing to hire your campervan. Any enquiry you receive through Camperbug will be displayed here and you are free to respond to the enquirer through our messaging system. Click here to visit the View Enquiries page for more detailed information about these sections.

Add Van page

If you own a second camper van, you can advertise this too. You can add as many vans as you want! Adding a new van creates a brand new profile with its own separate URL. To do this press Add Van and complete the information in the same way that you did when registering your account or when you go to the Van 1 page to edit and upload new information. Once you have created your van press Submit and lo and behold a new page is created.

This is pretty much all you will need to know to get yourself up and running and using Camperbug but if you need some more advice please do not hesitate to email us with your questions. We are always happy to hear from you.