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Team camperbug October 31, 2018

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How To Reply to Enquiries on Camperbug

So you have a message from a customer! Hooray! So what next?

Ok so one of our lovely customers has dropped you a line about your camper. They want to take it out for a spin and have a few questions for you before they commit to the hire. So this is the process for answering any enquiry that you might receive. We hope it makes sense, if not feel free to drop us a line for further claification.

Once you receive an enquiry it will appear as below in your enquiry list. It is fairly easy to spot new and unanswered enquiries. A clock will appear within the row and the row itself will be coloured green to demonstrate that the enquiry is a new one.

When you open the enquiry, the page will appear as below. There will be a timer demonstrating how long it has been since the enquiry was received. There is also an option for a quote. More about this below, but it is not essential to send a quote to the customer, you simply need to reply initially.

The image below shows the message box, which is at the foot of the enquiry thread. Lenders can answer enquiries by entering a message to the customer in this box and then pressing send. Sending a message to the customer will stop the clock on the message thread.

At this stage, if your van is available and you feel so inclined you are able to send a customer a breakdown of the costs involved in hiring your camper. To do this press the quote button as shown below.

The quote section is a breakdown of the hire cost. You will need to enter the following information into the quote:

1 - The total hire fee
2 - The deposit you require to confirm the hire, which is payable immediately to you on confirmation.
3 - The date the balance is due from the customer. (The system will calculate the value of the balance)
4 - The security deposit you require from the customer.
5 - And finally whether this is a holiday or wedding hire. Holiday hire is set automatically.

You are also able to edit the dates of the hire from the quote panel. You only need to enter the deposit and security deposit once, after that the system will save your requirements for future quotes. When you have entered all these figures, press Quote and the customer will be able to receive a breakdown of the cost of their holiday.

You can edit the quote at any time after sending it and should your van become unavailable, you can cancel the quote too. At this stage the customer open receiving your quote can decide whether they wish to accept your offer or not. However, whether they accept or not, the hire is not confirmed until you issue an invoice, which we can find out more about later on.

If the customer decides to confirm the holiday, you will receive an email informing you of this and also the subject line of the enquiries page will say Hirer Confirmed as shown below.

Opening the thread, will show you details about the customer, information about their age and date of birth, driving and address information, details of any medical conditions and also where they are travelling to on holiday.

With all this information at your fingertips, you can now make a final decision to issue an invoice to the customer. They will pay the booking fee to Camperbug and a deposit to you to confirm the booking and secure the dates.

The system allows you to set a payment time limit on the invoice. The dropdown as shown below, will allow you to set a payment window between 8 and 96 hours. A countdown clock will show you as well as the customer how long is remaining in which payment can be made.

The image below shows the countdown timer for the issued invoice. The time left remaining to pay the invoice to confirm the booking.

And that's all there is to it. It's really rather simple to be honest!

So How Do I Get the Customer's Contact Details?

After the customer has paid the booking fee, you simply go to the Bookings page, click the tickbox and that's it. Their email address and phone number will become apparent to you.