Enjoy these 5 stunning walks in the UK

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Blessed with a diverse landscape, the United Kingdom is home to stunning sceneries, thriving wildlife and a host of historical attractions and constructions. We’ve listed the best walks that cover coastlines, peaks, cliff sides and more! Be inspired to explore while you walk! Before you head out, grab a map, a sturdy pair of walking shoes and your sense of adventure!

Elie Chain Walk

Chain walk like a champ! Image courtesy of keithalexander on Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

Located in the town of Fife, the picturesque seaside town of Elie is easy to access by motorhome or campervan. The walk is touted as Scotland’s top coastal secret, as you progress along your trail, you’ll see why. The hike requires a good head for heights and is often said to be more of a scramble than a walk requiring a certain amount of agility and fitness. The challenging trail incorporates volcanic rock, footholds and steel chains to offer comforting support to tired walkers. While most walkers begin from the East and progress west, there is no correct or incorrect way to enjoy the Elie Chain Walk. The town of St Andrews is a twenty-five-minute ride away so if you’re not too drained, head over to the university town that’s home to a wealth of history.

Ashridge Estate

Bluebell Path in Ashridge Estate. Image courtesy of Richard Walker Photography on VisualHunt / CC B

Unlike the above mentioned physically challenging walk, Ashridge Estate offers walkaholic's an opportunity to stroll gently through the beautiful ancient woodlands and hilltops. Ashridge house is steeped in history, once serving as the lodgings for Henry VIII's descendant Princess Elizabeth who resided in the house for eight years she was arrested in 1554, on orders of half-sister Queen Mary. The captivating woodlands provide a delightful picnic spot, and if you’re quiet, you’ll have the opportunity to spot Fallow deer who roam in groups and muntjac deer, who are mostly seen wandering alone. You are required to keep Fido on a leash at all times. The Bridgewater monument is not to be missed, and neither is the stunning views from the top!

Borger Dalr Geology Walk

At Castle Craig. Image courtesy of herebedean on Instagram

Beginning at the Grange in Lake District, the Borger Dalr Geology Walk is well known for the striking views of the surrounding countryside. Titled the “the finest square mile in Lakeland” by author Alfred Wainwright, your three-hour walk will be challenging yet gratifying. The trail will take you past forest streams and, some of the Lakeland’s concealed gems including the war memorial of Peace How. Erected in 1917 the spot served as a place of rest and recuperation for front-line soldiers returning from World War One. Dalt Quarry is an exciting place to stop by, and Castle Crag provides excellent views that pair quite nicely with a welcome picnic lunch! The right hiking gear will come in handy for this walk.

The Derwentwater Walk

Views on your Derwentwater walk. Image courtesy of mattdavidson95 on Instagram

Comprising of ten charming miles around Derwentwater, this walking path passes over smooth, flat trails and requires minimum effort. Take in the views of the lake and woodlands and keep your eyes peeled for exciting wildlife which is maintained by the National Trust. If you find the walk too tiring (or too slow-paced), you can always opt for sailing, fishing, canoeing and swimming. There are many restaurants, and cafes en-route so fear not! You’ll have plenty of fuel! Get your Cumbria Campervan hire today with Camperbug!

Lapworth Walk

Morning mist swirling over the Stratford canal. Image courtesy of susanabel6855 on Instagram

The easy-paced Lapworth walk will take you past lovely woodland paths, farmland and canals. The route passes in proximity to two national trust properties, the Tudor manor, Packwood House and the estate of Baddesley Clinton. Absorb the rural charms around you as you begin your walk at through the woodlands. Stroll further, and you’ll come to the Packwood House. Step inside or continue down Stratford on Avon canal until you pass the 15th century Baddesley Clinton. Continue forward, and you’ll reach the crossing at the Grand Union canal which in turn ends at the Lapworth Station. Lapworth village is easy to access in your motorhome or campervan hire via the M40 and the M42.

Have you had the good fortune of enjoying the above walks? Let us know in the comments below or add more walking destination to your list with these great Isle of Man destinations!




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