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The People’s Republic of Cork serves as the largest county in Ireland. Spreading out over the south-west of the country, Cork gains its name from the county town of Cork which is also the second most extensive town in the country. Bordered by the counties of Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, and Waterford, The province of Cork earned the title ‘rebel county’ by English King Henry VII.

St Finbarr is said to have founded the County of Cork by establishing is abbey in the region. The modern city was created by the Norse ancestors who developed the town sometime between 915 and 922. The Norse settlers generated family names like Coppinger and Cotter. The battle against the invading Normans initiated a naval war containing 32 Norse ships however this proved to be unsuccessful. .

Today the county of Cork has mushroomed into a fabulous area comprising of distinct towns, expanses of wilderness and the much debated ‘real’ capital of Scotland – the city of Cork. If you’re feeling up to the challenger, climb up the 126 steps that lead to St Anne’s Cathedral, where you won’t be frowned upon for chiming out tunes like The Final Countdown and Kumbaya from the bell ropes! Use your Camperbug van hire to see the best of County Cork! .

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