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Hire a campervan in Norway from thousands of campervan owners. Reserve a camper directly from a private owner, and hit the road. Contact owners across Norway, including areas like Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, and Drammen.

Often regarded as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Norway brims with a wealth of stirring landscapes, thousands of sparkling fjords, untamed islands, traditional fishing villages, and diverse culture. Old and modern blends seamlessly as natural attractions jostle for space with modern-day cultural sites. The cities burst with vibrancy and charm. Osla buzzes with a growing music scene and architecture while Bergen bustles with a thriving art scene and a wealth of local delicacies including fresh seafood. Hop in your campervan and rumble along the stunning Atlantic Ocean Road or drive to the Arctic Circle to experience the famous Northern Lights in your cosy camper hire from Camperbug.

  • Geirangerfjorden from Flydalsjuvet‎, Norway
    • Name: Norway
    • Pop: 5,367,580
    • Photo Credit:Diego Delso
    • Description: Geirangerfjorden from Flydalsjuvet‎, Norway
    • Lat Long:60.4720° N8.4689° E
    • Places to explore and rent from in Norway

    • Oslo Botanical Garden, Oslo, Norway.
      • Name: Oslo
      • Pop:1,000,467
      • Photo Credit: Daderot
      • Description: Oslo Botanical Garden, Oslo, Norway.
      • Lat Long: 59.9139° N, 10.7522° E


    • Musikkpaviljongen, Bergen, Norway
      • Name: Bergen
      • Pop:255,464
      • Photo Credit: Diego Delso
      • Description: Musikkpaviljongen, Bergen, Norway
      • Lat Long: 60.3913° N, 5.3221° E


    • Stavanger, Norway
      • Name: Stavanger/Sandnes
      • Pop:222,697
      • Photo Credit: Alexey Topolyanskiy
      • Description: Stavanger, Norway
      • Lat Long: 58.9700° N, 5.7331° E


    • View from Kristiansten Fortress / Trondheim, Norway
      • Name: Trondheim
      • Pop:183,378
      • Photo Credit: Sergey Ashmarin
      • Description: View from Kristiansten Fortress / Trondheim, Norway
      • Lat Long: 63.4305° N, 10.3951° E


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