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Set within the province of Ulster, County Antrim forms one of six counties that shape Northern Ireland. The county town of Belfast is the largest city in Northern Ireland and is encircled by the North Channel and the county of Down, County Derry, and Lough Neagh. The precise formation of the county is uncertain however a certain portion of the region has held the name Antrim from the 14th century. The county was first inhabited by the Celtic Darini tribes. By the Middle Ages, the area was controlled by a number of tribes – the Dál Fiatach, O’Lynch, Dál nAraide and the Cruthins. The Vikings entered the country during the 11th century and were followed by Scottish settlers during the 16th century.

Antrim contains a wealth of natural beauty and fascinating attractions. The most famous is arguably the UNESCO World Heritage site Giant's Causeway. The nine Glens of Antrim stretch out from the Antrim Plateau right up to the coast. Belfast is a hotspot for locals and visitors alike and carries an entirely unique ambience. Take part in the capitals thriving nightlife, rich history, mouth-watering cuisines and more! The Bushmill distilleries are reputed for excellent whiskey. Head out to the coast for a resort town like Ballycastle, Waterfoot, Whitehead and Portballintrae. The county featured in many Game of Thrones episodes including Murlough Bay, Ballintoy Harbour and Dark Hedges. .

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