Motorhome Hire Louth

County Louth rests in the province of Leinster and gains its name from the village of Louth which is also the county town. Fondly titled the 'the Wee County', Louth is the smallest county in Ireland by land area. The county is enclosed by the Northern Ireland to the north, the Irish Sea to the east, County Meath to the south and west, and County Monaghan to the northwest. The region forms part of the central lowland, and a large portion of the land remain unimproved.

The county name of Louth originates from the name Lugh who is the god of ancient Irish. Louth is a county steeped in history, legend and mystery! The county has seen Irish and Norman rulers and numerous battles and skirmished centred around rebellions between the Irish and English forces.

The beauty and striking historic coastal borders of Louth have much to offer visitors. There are numerous historical sites to enjoy like the medieval town of Carlingford Lough. You’ll see many medieval designs, narrow streets, protective walls and more! Other must-see sites include St Peters Church, Drogheda, Proleek Dolmen, Monasterboice, and Smarmore Castle.

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