Seven must-see locations to add to your campervan itinerary

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 Whether you're travelling the world or your own home country, wandering is an enriching experience for the mind, body and soul. Cruising in your motorhome or campervan will undoubtedly add an enriching dash of colour and excitement to your journey and leave you with many fond memories of your time on the road. It doesn't matter if you're a solo traveller or adventuring with a jolly group of friends, We're confident our list of amazing campsites, festivals and camping locations will improve your road trip exploits.

Garlic festival – Isle of Wight

How to get down at the Garlic Festival. Image courtesy of  Heidi Roberts  on Instagram.

If you love the smell of garlic sizzling in hot oil and find the health benefits of this vegetable a pleasant surprise, you're not alone. The Greek physician Hippocrates would recommend garlic as a sure cure to some ailments. The Garlic Festival first opened to the public in 1983 and currently pulls in no less than 25,000 garlic adoring visitors each year. Browse through a variety of food stalls, traders and delectable treats all containing traces and dashes of garlic. You can wander through the events crafts tables, get swept up in the lively entertainment or get pint or two at the beer tent. The event will be in full swing from the 18-19th of August 2018.Buy your tickets or get more information.

The Forbidden Corner – Yorkshire

Enter if you dare! Image courtesy of Connie on Instagram.


Colin Armstrong added a cave to his family gardens, never quite expecting his work to be open to the public. Set in a picturesque Victorian garden set in the Yorkshire Dales, the gardens contain many secrets. Doors leading nowhere, puzzling gate, mysterious fountains, twirling staircases and a maze of passages and doorways make for endless hours of exciting discoveries. The Forbidden corner may leave the little ones and adults feeling a bit cold as the surprise fountains tend to drench guests. It's best to pack an extra set of clothing for your journey.Make your reservations


Wing Hall - Rutland


Camp in tranquility. Image courtesy of the English Explorer on Instagram.


Located just a stone's throw away from the Rutland Water reservoir, this beautiful campsite is on the evergreen grounds of the Victorian manor house. Take advantage of the bike hires available on site to cycle through the 25- miles of captivating cycling paths. A nature reserve envelopes the campsite making for quiet birdwatching walks. A short walk towards the bottom of the campgrounds will lead you to three fishing lakes. Purchase artisan bread, wines, ales and organic produce at the campsites deli or savour a cream tea at the onsite Veranda café. The campsite welcomes dogs and children however the proprietors warn off little ones and canines from taking too much interest in the chickens! Speak to the owners.


The Lizard National Nature Reserve –Devon

Reputed for its breathtaking sceneries and plethora of animals and unique plant, The Lizzard National Nature Reserve is home to Atlantic grey seals, dolphins, whales, puffins, razorbills and a wide array of Botanic life. Take many captivating walks around the landscape and keep your binoculars handy!Find out more.


The Secret Bunker – Essex

Entrance to the Secret Bunker. Photo credit: Cargo Cult on / CC BY

Built during between the years 1952 and 1953, the Secret Bunker was constructed as part of the British Government building programme. Situated 125 feet below ground, the Bunker was meant to operate as government administrative centre after a nuclear bomb. Equipped with air-conditioning, heating, generators and water supply, the Secret Bunker was reconstructed to fit 600 people and keep the survivors self-sufficient for around three months. The bunker was equipped with a BBC studio which was meant to update and inform the survivors after a nuclear attack on the country. Consisting of three stories, one can explore the bunker, take a refreshing break at the canteen or partake in the obstacle courses on the grounds.Visiting hours and directions.


Burnbake Campsite – Dorset


Burnbake Lodges & Campsite on Instagram

Lauded by guests and adored by the children, the Burnbake campsite offers mostly untouched camping ground. Guests are allowed to choose their pitches and private nooks for camping. Set in 12-acres of Burnbake woodlands and complete with a gurgling stream, guests rave about the onsite shop and food truck, ease of access to the surrounding attractions and the level of care and attention displayed by the staff. Find Dorset campervan hires with Camperbug!

 Reserve your camping pitch.

Great Yarmouth – Norfolk

Enter pleasure beach! Image courtesy of Jenna Crush on Instagram

The Great Yarmouth offers many exciting activities and sites for campervan and motorhome commuters. Enjoy the sun, sea sand and rides at Pleasure Beach. Entrance is free, and tickets to rides are purchased at the counter. Grab your binoculars and go birdwatching on the boathouse, take the kids go-carting at Hirsty's Family Fun Park, gaze at snow leopards and tigers at Thrigby Hall Wildlife Garden or laugh at meerkats and feed animals at the Hirsty's Family Fun Park. The area sprinkled with great attractions and sites. If you'd like to stay away from the more crowded areas, park your motorhome or caravan and explore the national walking trails around Yarmouth on foot! Find out what's on at the Great Yarmouth!

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