Forthcoming Summer Vans of the Month for 2012

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Well, we must be getting more organised over here at Camperbug HQ because there is actually a schedule for 4 months worth of Van of the Month's! (read in the style of Pigs in Space) How exciting! Never being ones capable of keeping such incendiary knowledge secret, we thought what better way to share this exciting information then through the medium of this sadly underutilised blog. So for all of you that have the camping and travelling bug, roll up, roll up and savour this vw campervan hire feast for the senses (although we hasten to add that at this particular point in time, we are unable to cater for your olfactory ones)

So here are the lucky chosen four who will be gracing the cover of the Camperbug website over the coming summer months. We kick off proceedings with Wokingham, who will be May's VOTM. This orange T2 campervan is available for hire from it's base in Berkshire. It's a beautiful, left hand drive import from the US with new upholstered beds.

Orange Wokingham camper

For June we have Mango, a beautiful fully restored bay which can be picked up from Guildford. An attractive flame red eye catcher Mango is a cool cruiser and definitely made for posing in. What on earth are you waiting for? It's the summer dudes (ignore the rain) go and get your swerves on and hire this campervan. Immediately!

Mango The June Van of the Month

In July, we have the lovely Belinda. If you are looking for London Campervan Hire then look no further than this enchanting temptress. A 4 speed pastel blue bay window campervan which can be hired for jaunts around the UK and also for weddings. Hire Belinda for your wedding and be as utterly delighted as the chaps in the picture below.

Belinda the campervan is VOTM for July 2012

We finish off with the roguish Billy, who will be the chosen one throughout all of August, the lucky chap. Billy is a gadget head, jam packed with zillions of cool features. You want Lake District Campervan Hire but you never knew you also wanted a campervan with a built in Playstation 2! Billy will show you the error of your misguided ways. He is guaranteed to keep the youngsters quiet but possibly unaware of the glorious countryside rolling along outside the window.

Billy - hire him! He is Camperbug's Van of the Month for August

So there you have it, four vans for four months. Hope you've enjoyed them. If you're looking to hire a campervan, get clicking on the images and visit the van pages for further information. If you're a van owner and you haven't been a van of the month yet and would like to be, then we'd love to have you. So what do you need to do to get chosen? Well, give your profile page a little spruce up your with some of your latest campervan piccies, update the calendar and then drop us an email and we'd be happy to have you as a future Van of the Month.

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