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 October 25, 2013

A Small Roundup

It’s been a little while, to say the least, since there has been a blog post on Camperbug and it’s definitely time to do a little round up of the past year or so. So what’s been going on? Well lots of exciting stuff actually. We’ve been incredibly busy and Camperbug has grown to become the largest vw campervan hire website on the internet

 June 14, 2012

Doris the Glampervan - A Forthcoming Van of the Month

Here’s a sneak preview of the forthcoming Camperbug van of the month for September. She’s called Doris and is a stunning 1971 Bay Window.

 May 03, 2012

A Norfolk Road Trip

This piece contains information about the wonderful county of Norfolk, where there are lots of exciting things to see and do. So join us on Camperbug’s virtual road trip, during we will be taking in a campsite, visiting a beach or two and of course checking out a Norfolk camper van that we can hire to do all these things in!

 April 28, 2012

Forthcoming Summer Vans of the Month for 2012

Well, we must be getting more organised over here at Camperbug HQ because there is actually a schedule for 4 months worth of Van of the Month's! How exciting! Never being ones capable of keeping such incendiary knowledge secret, we thought what better way to share this exciting information then through the medium of this sadly underutilised blog.

 February 23, 2012

Camperbug 2 Launches - Ahoy!

Yo Camperbugs! Camperbug has been live for just over a year and has proved to be quite popular. Over the past few months we've been developing a new version. And now it's live! Hopefully things shouldn't feel too different but the intention has been to make the site a little more user-friendly and interactive.

 June 13, 2011

Van of the Month - Sam's Campers

Van of the Month - Sam's Campers

 May 12, 2011

5 Great VW Bay Window Campervans

I just realised that I like making lists of the cool campers that appear on Camperbug. I mean where else would you get so many absolutely classic vehicles available for hire?? No where is where, this page being a snapshot of the riches that await the casual visitor to Camperbug.

 May 11, 2011

VW Split Screen Campers

The jewel in the crown for most Camperbug visitors is the VW Split Screen. These nostalgic vehicles don’t really have a peer of equal standing in the campervan world. Their lines inside and out speak of a different golden and perhaps rose-tinted age. When you drive one, you’ll cruise gently along quiet lanes in a vehicle as equally romantic as its surroundings.

 May 04, 2011

Amber - A Campervan for Hire in Gloucester

If you're looking to hire a campervan in Gloucester, may we recommend Amber, a rather handsome orange classic bay, who is May's van of the month.

 May 02, 2011

European Campervan Hire

Well the summer seems to be well and truly upon us, long bright evenings and warm balmy weather has been seen and felt all over the UK. Folk are always more interested in the outdoors when the sun is shining, which means we’ve been receiving a lot of traffic on Camperbug as a result and the enquiries have been flying back and forth

Some Holiday Photos!

Some of the many photos uploaded to Camperbug by our users

Where you went, what you did and what you said

Some of the captions from photos uploaded by Camperbug hirers.

Amy The new addition!

Andrea Here is Viv on campsite near the Witterings.

Matthew 3

Sarah Van in action

Simon Complete with awning

Matthew Charles Street in Peel on the West Coast

Helen Florence

Fiona How amazing to look out of our window to this every morning

Elizabeth Stopped for a sceanic cup of tea.

Lieke Indoor festivities

Valerie TikiRed in a village

Joanna Van

Nicole Indy

Pete Betsy

Susie Billy next to a hedge

Mike 4

Egle Wales

Cheryle Doris all set up for the weekend.

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