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 April 16, 2011

A New Van of the Month… At Last!

A new dashing campervan featured as Camperbugs van of the month

 March 28, 2011

The Great Ocean Road

Catching up with all and sundry since my return from holiday has resulted in a belated publishing of this post. It has been sitting in my WordPress drafts for a couple of weeks now but reading it is an agreeable recap of a splendid trip. Can’t wait to visit Australia again.

 February 27, 2011

Campervans in Australia

There aren't a lot of VW campervans in Australia if the truth be told. Unsurprisingly Japanese pop top campervan conversions are popular, some of which I like, others I don't and there are plenty of regular motorhomes too.

 February 12, 2011

So Little Time!

Two months in and the progress the site is making is excellent. I am sure that over the next year Camperbug will become one of the key locations for VW Campervan Hire on the web.

 February 07, 2011

Camperbug Sessions 2 - Interview with Rent a Retro Camper

The second Camperbug session of 2011 and indeed the second session of all time has landed!

 January 24, 2011

Want to be February's Van of the Month ?

I'm looking for February's Van of the Month

 January 24, 2011

Some Forthcoming Features

I’ve not blogged in a while as I’ve been busy writing new content for the website, which has been designed to explain some of the little idiosyncrasies and make Camperbug a little clearer to newbies

 January 13, 2011

How Do I Rent Out My VW Camper Van?

This isn't a question that I'm asking! Of course I know how... You visit Camperbug and you upload all your details onto the website and hey presto you're ready to go. However, I do understand that using a new website isn't always the easiest thing to do, it can be a little bewildering and whilst I think that Camperbug is really really easy to use, everyone needs a little guidance now and again. So I'm written some instructions on this page!

 January 10, 2011

Holdsworth Camper Van Conversion Company

The Holdsworth Campervan conversion business was a UK based camper van conversion company running from 1968 to the mid 1990s that was run by Richard and Heather Holdsworth.

 January 06, 2011

Climbing The Ranks

Camperbug is climbing the ranks!

Some Holiday Photos!

Some of the many photos uploaded to Camperbug by our users

Where you went, what you did and what you said

Some of the captions from photos uploaded by Camperbug hirers.

Leon We attached a magnetic awning to Snowball for some extra space which was ideal with a toddler

Dawn Kathleen Borth

David Even our daughter enjoyed herself.

Frank 1

Emma Setting off with Dougal

Gill Gino

Diane lorek in cornwall

Jodie 3

warren beach!

Tim BettyFlo

Vicky Dinner time

Chris Ann Enjoying Lunch

Chris On the road again

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