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The former county of Dublin was one of 32 traditional counties in Ireland. Despite its elimination as an administration department, the capital city of Ireland is a bustle of unique shopping districts, museums, theatres, parks, pubs and restaurants. The city of Dublin was given the administrative levels of a county and city after administration exchanged hands with the provinces of Fingal, South Dublin and Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown.

The name Dublin stems from the classical Irish word Dubhlinn which translates to the dark or murky tidal pool. The name applied to a tidal pool at the rear of Dublin Castle. The region of Dublin Bay contained human settlements during the prehistoric era however writings from Greco-Roman astronomer and cartographer Ptolemy indicate hamlets as early as AD 140. The Duibhlinn Christian religious community is said to precede the Viking settlers who arrived in 841.

In modern times, the city of Dublin is a wealth of cultural heritage and incredible history. Writers like Oscar Wilde and Jonathan Swift called the city home, and the local Dubliners are perhaps the friendliest people you’ll meet! The city divides into The Northside and the Southside. The Northside houses a wealth of museums and theatres plus Europe’s largest city park - Phoenix Park, while Southside is home to the oldest parts of the city, Trinity College, and Dublin Castle.

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