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Located off the northwest coast of England, the Isle of Man is part of the British Isles that is a crown possession and maintains self-governance. Set between Great Britain and Ireland, the island holds the record for the oldest continuous parliament called Tynwald. The island is smaller than Singapore in size, maintains an 80,000 strong population and often referred to as Mann. The original language on the Isle of Man was Manx, similar to certain strains of Irish Gaelic. Sadly the knowledge of the word now rests with a mere 2% of the population and its last native speaker; Ned Maddrell died in 1974.

The Isle of Man was home to the Celts for many years until the Viking conquests of 1079. Viking influences remain in place names and the in the title of the islands parliament Tynwald. Mann passed on to the Sottish crown in 1266 and later to the Stanley family. The island never amalgamated under the United Kingdom however the British Crown lays claim to the lordship of the island.

The island’s terrain is diverse comprising of jagged coastlines, bare hills, fertile valleys and captivating sceneries. The island holds one of five biosphere reserve titles in the UK. Quiet views give way to an annual bustle of The International Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) Race which turns the picturesque isle into the motorcycle racing capital of the world!


LHD conversion - Nut and bolt restoration new engine etc..... drive like a new van

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