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The Isle of Man or Mann is located an equal distance from Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England. The island is a ‘crown dependency’ which means that it is not a part of the United Kingdom. Records show that human settlements are traced back to the Middle Stone Ages. The Celtic language of Manx was the predominant language spoken in the region until English replaced the language during the beginning of the 19th century. Viking invasions and the subsequent Viking control of the Isle of Man in 1079 led the country under a new Scandinavian arrangement of government which is still in use today. England acquired suzerain control over the island in 1266 from the King of Norway, and the island went through many ‘kings of Mann” until the crown bestowed the island to Sir John Stanley in 1406. The family ruled the country until 1736 and preferred the title Lord of Mann which is used today. The British government purchased jurisdiction rights of the island to thwart flourishing contraband sales on the island. Today the Crown is responsible for defence and political representations of the Isle of Man. Only half the islands inhabitants are natives, and the rest of the population is made up of immigrants from Ireland or the United Kingdom. Located in proximity to the surrounding British Isles, the Isle of Man serves as a popular holiday destination. Boasting of inviting weather nearly all year round plus a varied landscape to discover, the Isle of Man captivates visitors with historical monuments and sites, museums, water-sport and outdoor activities. Hire your motorhome in Douglas, Onchan, Braddan, Peel, Ramsey and all other towns and villages in the Isle of Man and enjoy a stroll through the stunning countryside, sun yourself on warm beaches and explore inviting glens! Head south-west of the Isle of Man to the Calf of Man which is an island bird observatory plus a nature reserve!

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