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Buckinghamshire, home to large towns like Milton Keynes, Aylesbury Vale, Amersham, Chesham, and Wycombe, is well known for its wealth of manors and estates, making it a top county for grand walking tours. Waddesdon Manor, West Wycombe Park, Village and Hill and Claydon a just a handful of stately manors to visit. While there are many breathtaking and historic places on offer, like the Old Gaol Museum in Buckingham, and Stowe house in Stowe, we’re particularly intrigued by the breathtaking Cliveden House. This stately mansion with its vast gardens overlooks the river Thames has been a place of entertainment for the rich and famous including Charlie Chaplin, George Bernard Shaw, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill and Rudyard Kipling. If you prefer the countryside, take a refreshing walk through Black Park Country Park or the Langley Park Country Park. Pick from a selection of animal petting and feeding farms or help your little ones to feed, pet and walk endearing, fluffy faced Alpacas at the Abbotts View Alpacas. With a wealth of places to see, don’t delay! Log in to your Camperbug account and communicate with motorhome lenders across the county. We’ve got motorhomes in all towns including Milton Keynes, High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Amersham, and Chesham.

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