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Set between Norway and mainland Scotland, the Shetland Islands is an archipelago made up of over 100 islands of varying landscapes. Fall in love with the stunning sceneries as you wild camp in on incredible landscapes, view an abundance of flora and fauna and discover a rich Viking heritage. The islands are the among the Lonely Planet's Best in Europe 2019 so hop in your campervan hire and rumble north! Explore miles of coastlines bordered by looming clifftops, wild camp near pristine beaches, and observe a spectacular wealth of wildlife like puffins, seals, otters, and orcas. Learn of the regions 4,000-year-old history encompassing relics from the Bronze Age and standing stones from the Iron Age. Campervan travel is considerably more cost-effective than paying for a car and accommodation. Connect directly with private campervan owners, send over your travel plans, and hit the road in comfort and style. Speak to listing owners on Mainland, Whalsay, Yell, West Burra plus Unst. Take the comforts of home wherever you go.

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