Motorhome Hire Shetland

Comprising of over 100 windswept islands, Shetland rests on the northernmost part of the United Kingdom and 130 miles north of the Scottish mainland and 45 miles north of Orkney. Despite the many islands twenty or more of them are inhabited, and the natives are exceedingly proud of their Norse heritage. The largest island is the fishing port of Scalloway while Lerwick serves as the county’s largest town plus the most prominent commercial and administrative centre.

Settlements dating back to prehistoric times are now visible through the crumbling stone towers, and stone circles thought to be that of the early Pictish tribes. The islands received many Christian missionaries during the 7th and 8th century. Norsemen invaded the islands during the 8th and 9th centuries and ruled until the 15th century. Until the 18th century, the chief language of the people was Norn, obtained from Old Norse and many Old Norse customs still prevail in the community. Despite forming part of Scotland in 1472, the islands carry a different history and set of traditions compared to the remainder of Scotland.

Shetland hold’s wild and captivating sceneries comprising of indented coasts, fjords, and sea lochs scattered or nestled close to the steep hills. Get a Shetland motorhome hire with Camperbug and enjoy a holiday among the isles once ruled by the Vikings!

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